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"I have had numerous readings from Michael over the past two years and it has been amazing how accurate his predictions have been. He told me my daughter was getting married (before she got engaged). He said someone in the family was pregnant starting with a J and sure enough the next day Jenny took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Michael is a very gifted and talented individual who I would recommend to anyone."
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"Mike was GREAT!!! he told me everything I needed to know quickly, WITHOUT ANY PROMPTING!! He was accurate, incredibly so, and just a pleasure to talk to. . .I would definitely choose him again! --Mia Lee

Thank you Mike. He is gifted, warm, and wonderful to talk with. I will certainly keep in touch! --Mady

Wonderful experience! Mike is promised to the higher ratings, call him now! Love and thanks, Annie

Spiritual and highly inspired, this was a great experience. Mike is not going to stay hidden in the back for long! Give him a call, now, before he gets too busy on the first page! Annie

I think mike the psychic was unspeakably marvels this person was very easy to talk to and answered my question with no problem its was a great experience I loved it thank you! PA                                       

Dear Mike, Thank you for calling me back. I just desperately needed to talk with you and anyone else just wouldn't have had the same meaning. God Bless You! Linda

Excellent psychic - can see the higher realms, the positive and negative forces, many issues at play in your life. I would highly recommend Mike - he's a great guy, too, you'll enjoy your reading!

A Letter from one of Michael's many fans:
Dear Michael:

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you in Columbus. My sister and her two daughters were very drawn to you and look forward to seeing you there next year!

P.S. You are truly gifted!

Comments from those who have worked with Michael professionally:

His charisma draws people in and I have had many favorable comments about his readings. I have also received a personal reading from Michael which I found very helpful and accurate.. . " Victor Paruta, Owner, Victory of Light

He has always created a wonderful following after his sessions with people who have claimed to have been truly touched and helped tremendously by his work. He is really an angel sent from above to help the masses with counsel and healing.

He is the ultimate professional who reaches many people through his words, manner, and way. He is truly a pure agent of God's love" Rev. Janet Helene Speck, Owner, New Age People

"Michael and I have done psychic readings at many parties, psychic fairs, and on radio shows. He is funny, sincere, and extremely intuitive and psychic all in one. People love his charisma, enthusiasm, and warmth along with the names and initials he picks up as well as his accurate predictions. I highly recommend Michael. I am not an easy person to read for and Michael has read me to a tee many times."

Colleague and fellow Psychic, Cynthia Nieman Raven 


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