Step into Your Tomorrow…Today


 Michael Dennis


Psychic/Spiritual Medium/Author/Past Lives

Spirit Guides/Angels/Pets

In-Person ~ Telephone ~ Email Readings


As seen on NBC, FOX TV heard on Mojo 94.9, Mix 94.1, Q102 radio Cincinnati


How are you Blocking Spiritual Assistance that’s available to you?

What Important Messages from a higher power are you tuning out?

How are your beliefs limiting your relationship with Spirit?

What do you need to learn from your relationship/s?

Why are you here, and what is the meaning in your life?

Be daring!   Be Willing!  Be Brave!

Your Soul holds the key to unlock the mystery of your being.

The Deep Inner “You” holds in perfection the vision waiting to externalize!


Michael Dennis Steps into your soul and allows your guides to

Speak, Be Heard, Direct, Uplift, and Heal


Cost is $105 for the Hour Taped In-Depth Phone Reading, mailed to you for your enjoyment so it becomes Timeless to your leisure”