Michael Dennis - March 2010



 What would it be like to meet with him every morning, enjoy his magnificent presence, bask in his unconditional love and have the opportunity to ask him all the questions about any subject you have ever wanted to know? And to have him answer with great depth and detail, and a wonderful sense of humor?

 God (who asked Michael Dennis to refer to him as Mr. Divine) said that he wished he could communicate with everyone. To quote him, "I am as real to you as your capacity to receive me is, and your capacity is much greater than you can ever begin to imagine."

But is it real? Or just a series of vivid dreams? That is for you, the reader, to decide. As Michael says, "There is much more truth to so-called fantasy than people realize." So what is reality and what is fantasy?

Discover extensive insights on the complex subjects:

* Love * Your soul
* Creation * Past lives
* Transcendence * Other worlds
* Healing * Magic
* Fear * Anger
* Hatred * Mourning
* And more