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Michael Dennis
Psychic*Medium*Intuitive Visionary
                                                                                       Teacher*Past Lives*Pets* Spirit Guide/Angel Messages                                                                         Ascended Master Channel*Author

(513) 281-5696

God's Many Mansions

Have you ever seen an angel or had an angelic visitation?

I did and it changed my life.
  Have you ever had other worldly visitors, been befriended by the little people, or benevolent ETs?  I have had many such experiences from these helpers as I like to call them.  

They have shown me that there is more to us than our personality and ego and taught me that we are so much more than our despair, doubts, fears, and limitations. The cosmos can literally become our playground when we connect with our higher self and make contact with our star family. 

Everyone has this capability.  It is our gift and birthright from Creator Source along with the knowledge deep within our soul that can answer our every question.  

We can know our purpose for being here and what we have to do.  We can be set on the right path and be relieved of our human burdens as light is shed upon life's deeper meanings.

As a matter of fact, one of our reasons for being here on the earth is to accomplish that often very challenging feat.  I am very happy to say that these extraordinary, unusual experiences have completely transformed my life and taken away much of the loneliness that plagued me for so many years.  I have learned that we are never alone.  I invite you to meet some of my friends and teachers from this world, as well as some from other dimensions and worlds. I am honored to have made their acquaintance and to be able to partake of their love and energy.  

I thank them one and all for their gifts, the profound knowledge they shared and their messages of hope and truth.  They filled me with love and passion. With each contact I experienced profound respect for the sacredness, diversity, uniqueness, and beauty of all people and all life. 

They taught me to value and appreciate humor, the quest for ancient knowledge, and the seeking of answers for the mysteries that life presents to us.  May their stories, lessons and teachings enrich, empower, and fill you with awe, wonder, hope, and a greater sense of purpose as they have me.