The Couple's Reading is becoming more popular.

In this Psychic Reading Michael tunes in with your spirit guides and your own higher selves to do a reading for BOTH OF YOU! Discussed will be points of compatibility, personal and karmic lessons you are both learning together in this particular life time along what is going on and coming up for you!

Michael will see a past life or more that you have had together, which will help understand the personal dynamics of this lifetime together.

Michael also looks at the basic Astrological Placements to see points of similarity and differences, and what needs to be accomplished in this lifetime together.

You are invited and encouraged to ask questions!

The Couple's Reading lasts approximately 45 mins.

Cost: $100.00 (savings of $20.00 over separate individual readings)

In-person readings are taped free of charge.

$5 Extra for mailing telephone readings.

Payment via Mc or Visa, or money order or cash.  No personal checks.

In-Person/Taped Phone/Email Readings All Available

Reading is mailed to those without computer access.

To book your Reading please contact Michael directly:


(513) 281-5696