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Michael Dennis
Psychic*Medium*Intuitive Visionary
    Teacher*Past Lives*Pets* Spirit Guide/Angel Messages
 Ascended Master Channel*Author

(513) 281-5696

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Morning Coffee With GodMorning Coffee With God

What would it be like to meet with him every morning, enjoy his magnificent presence, bask in his unconditional love and have the opportunity to ask him all the questions about any subject you have ever wanted to know? And to have him answer with great depth and detail, and a wonderful sense of humor.


Morning Coffee With God

God's Many Mansions

Have you ever seen an angel or had an angelic visitation? I did and it    
changed my life. Have you ever had other worldly visitors, been            
befriended by the little people, or benevolent ETs? I have had many     
such experiences from these helpers as I like to call them. They have   
shown me that there is more to us than our personality and ego and     
taught me that we are so much more than our despair, doubts, fears,    
and limitations.                                                                                                             


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