Astrology has been around for a very long time.  It predates Astronomy, and many people believe that The Three Wise Men of the Bible present at the time of the birth of Jesus were Astrologers as well.  Nostradamus, one of the greatest Seers ever, was also a renowned Astrologer.  Many famous and ordinary people have been consulting Astrologers for a very long time.  There have even been Presidents who had their Astrology Readings done.  And we all know how "THE STARS" of Hollywood love to hear what "The Stars" show for them.
Whether you are one of those people who can't begin their day without reading their daily horoscope in the paper, or if you are skeptical about Astrology, you cannot deny the role it plays in many people's lives.  Astrology is the study of the positions and aspects of the planets and heavenly bodies with a view to predicting their influence on human affairs.
I have come to believe that Astrology is a marvelous tool to help us understand ourselves and it provides a nice blueprint, enabling us to learn more about our personalities, our talents, our strengths and weaknesses and vulnerabilities just as Numerology and Palmistry also do.  Knowledge is power.  I believe that Astrology is a tool that shows us more about our basic personality dispositions and how we have in born tendencies to respond to life and to people in certain ways.   I do NOT BELIEVE that THE STARS can totally predict or even reveal our complete destinies and decisions for that would take away our free will.  But I do believe that Astrology can guide and forewarn us of certain obstacles along with opportunities that are coming our way.
My Astrology Readings are kept simple and practical.  For detailed charts and updates on the personal Transits and Progressions I recommend that my clients speak with professional Astrologers with more experience than me.  I have taken several classes, studied with some wonderful teachers and I have my own personal library of Astrology books which I cherish and refer to and recommend to anyone interested in Astrology. 
Some of those books are:

The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Vols 1-3      by  Marion March & Joan Mcevers  (Classic books, and Volume one is perfect for Beginners.
The Changing Sky & The Inner Sky     by Steven Forrest
Sun Signs and Love Signs    by Linda Goodman   (classics)
Relating, The Development of the Personality, Dynamics of the Unconscious, The Inner Planets       by Liz Green and Howard Sasportas           (All are excellent books)
Choice Centered Astrology- The Basics    by Gail Fairfield
It's alright      by Isabel Hickey
I have other books that specialize on certain planetary influences such as books on the influence of Pluto, Saturn, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, or Neptune in our charts, but I am not listing them as there are many good books out there for those desiring to GO DEEPER in their Astrology studies.  One can find them on, Half Price books, and other bookstores.
My goal in offering Astrology Readings is to keep the reading simple enough so not to confuse but in depth enough to provide helpful and useful insight and understanding.
One of the things that inspired me to study Astrology and later offer Readings was the comment a friend made some years ago.  "Well, I am a LEO" she said, and I act nothing like Leos are supposed to act.  I am not the drama queen, I don't like being in public, I am not big hearted and generous, and I don't even care that much for kids.  I later looked up her chart and found out that although the SUN in her chart was placed in LEO, most of the other planets WERE NOT.  That obviously colored her personality and influenced her in may ways making her less "LEO" like than your more typical LEOS.
To understand ourselves better we need to know what signs and houses the planets are placed in along with a basic understanding of "Aspects" -the planetary relationships with each other in the chart according to their placements.
BEING A PSYCHIC/CLAIRVOYANT, I also utilize those skills when DOING AN ASTROLOGY READING.  Let me give you an example:
In Natal Astrology we know that the planet MERCURY represents the Intellect and our reasoning ability.  It represents the way we communicate to others as well.    Whereas VENUS represents love and affection and MARS represents how we expend our energy.  That is a very brief and concise definition of these planetary functions.
I was doing a PSYCHIC READING for a client some years ago.  She asked me if I would look up her planetary placements.  She knew she was a SUN SIGN GEMINI but wanted to know where her MERCURY, MOON, VENUS and MARS were placed in her chart.
So I dug out my faithful ephemeris and we discovered that she had the moon, venus, and mercury placed in GEMINI along with the SUN.  That is a LOT OF AIR.  I jokingly asked her if she had ever been called an AIR HEAD or flaky.  She smiled and said MANY TIMES.
I saw an image in my mind of this lady standing in front of a TV camera.  Typical Gemini communications going on you might say.  So I asked her, "Are you interested in Television, News Reporting, or Journalism?  She smiled and said that she was majoring in Journalism, and wanted to be a TELEVISION NEWS REPORTER and one day have her own show.  OBVIOUSLY not everyone with their mercury placed in GEMINI will want to be a journalist.  My guides were SHOWING ME PSYCHIC/CLAIRVOYANT images that related to this woman's interests.  Learning of her placements in the sign of GEMINI just showed me that her chances of being "more drawn to communications" were stronger because of several of her planets being placed in Gemini.  Not to omit that having her natal mercury placed in Gemini makes the communication "Thing" even stronger if there aren't some negative aspects that could dampen her mercurial spirit.  Because Mercury is ruled by Gemini.
I consider myself more of an INTUITIVE ASTROLOGER.  I keep a Reading simple and to the point and don't go into those long drawn out, intellectual explanations like some Astrologers do.  They must all be AIR SIGNS or have a lot of air in their charts.
What do I need to do an ASTROLOGY CHART:
-  I need your full name if you don't mind giving it.  If so I can do the reading without the FULL BIRTH NAME.  I also work with NUMEROLOGY and by looking at a NAME I often pick up EVEN MORE CLAIRVOYANT INFORMATION.
-I need the exact time, and place of your birth as noted on your birth certificate.  Down to the minute, that is.
-For example you could say I was born Jan 1, 1967 at  8:09 PM  in Boston Massachusetts.
-Payment via Mc or Visa, or money order or cash.  No personal checks.
-Address where you wish for me to mail the tape/chart.
Then I run your chart and we set up a MUTUAL TIME FOR THE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION which can be done In Person, Email, or via PHONE as a TAPED READING.
Cost for Astrology Reading is $105.00
I mail the Reading to you
If you are interested in a BASIC ASTROLOGY READING along with Psychic Impressions of what I see coming up for you then I am happy to read for you!
Astrology speaks for itself.  Astrology can show us the TYPE of people who are "Good" or more compatible for us.  I have had my Astrology reading done so many times, I care not to list them all.  I love having different readings done and learning more and more from the different ones.  To me, having a READING is a little act of self-indulgence.  I compare it to going out for dinner or doing a little shopping.  Think of it as a little spending SPREE where we nurture our "inner child."   We all need to do that from time to time!
Astrology has been around for thousands of years and will undoubtedly be for thousands more!  May the Stars be with you and help give you clarity and  some En Light en ment!