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Michael Dennis was born and raised in Kentucky. He graduated from Berea College with a Bachelor's degree in French in 1980. Feeling he is a true "Renaissance Man", he also studied Spanish, German, English, Voice, and Psychology. He was awarded a Master of Arts in Education at Indiana University at Bloomington in 1986, and completed a Master of Arts in French Literature at the University of Cincinnati in 1992.   He taught French, Spanish, and Language Arts full time in public schools for several years. 

Michael knew through his own experiences of the existence of angels since his late childhood.  A personal Angelic Visitation in his backyard when he was thirteen years old changed his life and set him upon the course of a spiritual life.  The angel (whose initial meeting is told in the Introduction of his book  HALFWAY TO HEAVEN) told him that he would soon leave his dysfunctional miserable home and that he would go to college.  She also told him that "Everything in Life Happens For a Reason" and that all of his years of struggle and family unhappiness would give him the needed strength, and compassion to help many people as a SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR/HEALER'" was his true calling in life.  When all of the angel's predictions came true, Michael knew that he would never be happy doing anything other than following his life mission.

He began his studies of spirituality and his work with angels in 1982 while working with many different healers, Shamans, Medicine Women, and Psychotherapists to help heal himself.  The following books and spiritual authors are his spiritual mentors and heroes.  He highly recommends these books to anyone seeking psychological and spiritual knowledge, healing, and life purpose, fully believing that "Their Guides" will lead them to the ones they are drawn to and meant to read whether via amazon.com  Half Price books, yard sales, libraries, GIFTS FROM FRIENDS, etc.  

 Michael began offering his readings as a professional psychic in 1985. In 1995, he left the field of public education to pursue his writing and psychic work full time. Michael began to offer his public channeling sessions in 1992; because of his appearances at regional Psychic Fairs and Festivals, his channeling work has become well-known and appreciated throughout The United States & Canada.


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