Late one night the air was still.

I heard your voice and saw your face in dreams.

You beckoned me to go outside.

I went to my favorite oak tree.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

When I opened them you appeared.


Who are you? I asked in tears.

Why do you come to me?

Long golden shimmering hair.

Deep sparkling eyes so filled with love.

Your aura of white fills me with hope.

It warms my chilled heart and melts away my fears.


“Listen,” said the voice softly.

I have a message for you.

You long for love.

But you have tried to buy Love which cannot be bought.

Heed the words that I say.


Be loving and you will attract Love to you.

Before you can have that which you desire,

you must give it freely.


“I have given to others.

Is this not true?

I help people whenever I can.”


This is true, but ask yourself why you give?
You give to receive.

You do nothing without expecting something in return.

It is better to give a penny with a pure heart than

a diamond out of pride.

I come to you because in your dreams you have asked for me.


“How will this happen?” I asked the pure one

who visited me beside the oak tree.


“You shall forget yourself and think of others.

When you consider their needs first,

then you will be fulfilled.

Your heart shall no longer be empty.


In learning the lesson to freely give.

Expecting nothing in return.

All shall be yours.

For you shall be love.

This paradox is true.


Anytime you feel alone or discouraged

someone is in need of love.

Reach out to another.

Extend a helping hand.

When you embrace another,

 you embrace yourself.”


“Your words are wise.

Your thoughts are deep.

I will do as you say.

I will freely give to others.

And more so when I am sad.

This much of your message I understood.


“You understood well, gentle soul.

I will answer your question of who I am.
I am the Messenger of Love!”