I look into the mirror.
Wanting to see my soul.

My unique personality.

Not part of the mass whole.


I need to follow my dreams

which are born from my heart.

Say that things that I feel.

Give expression to my art.


In this busy fast paced world.
Itís easy to follow the crowd.

To let my voice be drowned out

by other voices so loud.


They think they have the answers

of how my life should be.

But the one who really does

is the voice inside me.


If we are true to ourselves

we will have peace and pride.

Letís express who we really are.

Our uniqueness letís not hide.


In being original we show others

that itís good oneself to be.

Soon they will get the message

and also want to be free.


Maybe one day they will awaken

to their own individuality.

Look into the mirror with pride. 

And be proud of who they see.