One evening I gazed upon a small cloud

resting solitary in the wondrous bright sky.

It so moved me and aroused my sympathy.
Soon tears did fill my eyes.


Is the cloud feeling lonely? I wondered.

Why had the other ones left it be?

Is it possible it stayed behind for a purpose.

Perhaps to teach a lesson to me.


O, Cloud, are you sad? I questioned.

Do you long for others of your own?
The quiet immobile cloud seemed to smile at me.

Perhaps it did not mind being alone.


Soon a storm began to develop.

The little cloud began to expand more and more.

Then it clapped and roared like a monster.

Fierce rains began to pour.


When the storm was over, the solitary cloud fled.

Dashing, quickly like lightning across the sky.

I realized it had served its purpose.

To bring water to our land so dry.


That day I learned that Solitude holds much power.

A single cloud can water the land and our soul.

Now, when I behold a solitary cloud in the sky.

My heart bubbles with joy and overflows.