Yonder lies the land beyond your highest dreams

          where yesterday, today, and tomorrow merge as one.

          Sadness and pain may not enter this shore.

          There is only love and peace behind our doors.


          When you were born a part of you died.

          When you die again shall you be born.

          Oh, Body, how you imprison my soul.

          How I long for the day you set me free.


          I close my eyes to this world and glimpse

          past the setting sun to behold

          sparkling crystal seas of sapphire blue.


          Then I gaze into the distance and view

          an emerald green forest whose beauty

          surpasses all earthly sights.


          Celestial music of those spheres

          can be heard by all who close their ears

          to the sounds of this world where mortals reign.


          Welcome to this land, gentle soul

          speaks a soft voice to my heart.

          You may visit our land when you please.


          For this land is your home.

          The serene inner world is real.

          The outer world where you live is but a dream.


          Sit alone in the quiet so that your soul

          may escort you to peaceful and blissful shores.

          Meditate in the silence and your vision will expand.

          Then shall your soul know peace and love once more.