I feel like a ship with waves crashing on both sides.

So fragile and vulnerable to Life’s raging tides.

In constant confusion and bitter turmoil.

Consumed by rage and anger my blood nearly boils.


Loneliness gnaws at my soul; what ferocious pain.

Before this is over, I fear I will go completely insane.

No where to turn; no one my heart understands.

Abandoned and cursed am I forsaken on this land.


In nightmares I am chased by hellish ghouls.

Is there no escape from these malicious fools?

Might the lurking evil consume my very last breath.
Am I doomed to fall into the embrace of Death?


My eyes look upward, I behold a shining star.

Twinkling and seeming to wink at me from afar.

Just when I think I can no longer cope.

An image appears in my mind: a golden rope.


Such a luminescent vision puts a strain on my eyes.

Could it be sent from an angel or a devil in disguise?

I reach for the rope when it descends above my head.

Climb, I hear in my mind, to paradise you will be led.


When I touch its ethereal form I am filed with love.

I behold angelic presences in the Heavens above.

Climbing higher and higher my face fills with tears.

Peace and warmth soon dissipate my pain and fears.


When I climb to the top of the rope it disappears.

I am in a peaceful valley amongst fountains crystal clear.

A choir of cherubs sing to me inside my mind.

I behold unicorns, fairies and magical beings of all kind.


I open my eyes later, has this been but a dream?

Or perhaps things are not always as bad as they seem?
From that day onward my heart is filled with hope.

Every time I am feeling down I reach for that golden rope.