He was the life of every party.

A master of movement, illusion, and words.

He brought merriment and laughter to people.

But to him life was meaningless and absurd.


People came from afar to see him.

He grew more popular over the years.

When they looked at him they saw smiles.

In the mirror he saw sorrow and tears.


One day he asked himself, why am I alone?

How can this truly be?

Stop, said a voice inside him.

For once please listen to me.


Take off the wig, the costume must go.

All props must be tossed aside.

Lastly, the painted face must go.

From me you cannot hide.


Who are you strange, voice?
This is the only life I know.

I bring smiles, laughter, and joy to all.

There are no tears wherever I go.


“Tis not true, my friend, said the voice to him.

Your tears have brought me to you.

Although you think you are unworthy of love.

I saw you deserve it too.


I have watched you perform many times.

You do it so very well.

But after the curtain call is over,

you crawl back into your shell.


For many years you’ve been lonely

despite uplifting words that pour from your heart.

Now you yearn for Love’s tender embrace.
You need more than amusement, laughter, and art.


With humor and jest you’ve created many moods.
Without experiencing that of which you spoke.

When you cried they laughed, how could they not?
Life to you has been a big joke.


Now you have changed, you believe there is more.

You are ready to experience, to feel.

I am here to help you, dear friend.
To show you that Love is real.


What must I do? O, voice, please tell me I pray.
From these chains I wish to be free.

Listening to you gives me great hope

that Love will come to me.


Listen carefully, gentle man, to my message.

To see behind words is your task.

Experience their truth instead of their form.

And you will have that for which you ask.


Risks you must take, exposed you must be.

You must reveal your fears.

As frightening as it is to reveal your deep self.
When you do then others come near.


Not all will come some will hide behind words.

Like you, they feel it safer to run.

But one day they will reach out to Love.

I tell you my work is never done.


I bid thee adieu said the voice to the man.

Now you are ready to trust.

Risks you will take, some pain you will.

But I promise Love will be just.


In offering your gift, the gift of yourself.

You will lose, but you will also gain more.

You will take the chance, you will be alive.

You will step on Heaven’s shore.


I understand said the man.”
You are great master who came to this earth.

The voice of one who lived long ago.

And taught people about rebirth.


You never died, you were never born.
Alive you have always been.

Alive am I and love am I.

This is your promise now and then.


Yes, said the voice today is your day.

Sadness and sorrow shall soon part.

Help others to feel they are not alone.

Through your wisdom, love, and your art.


Thank you said the man, you may now go

so we both can work at our pace.
A clown I am, but a different clown.
There will be no more paint on my face.