O stars bend low!

Please whisper to my soul.

Why these autumn stirrings?
My heart must know.


Is there a reason for these questions

which do not cease?
Perhaps to stop asking them

is the pathway to peace?


How can I accept answers

that come from cluttered minds?

I must untangle the murky webs of thought

that from wisdom keep me blind.


I know there is love for me.
I see it through a child’s twinkling eyes.

I invoke Innocence and Joy

in my spirit once more to rise.


No one need suffer forever.

Their pulsing life encased in a heart of steel.

The gods have given us permission

to explore life, to love, and feel.


I look outside once more.
Cool, green, and placid is this autumn time.

My heart and stomach tingle

as I take in Autumn sweet and sublime.