Child of the Heavens!

Do not forget your origin.

You come from the place where angels

associate in the presence of pure souls.


The energy which give life to your dreams

creates the sad and happy songs

which come from your heart.

All of your experiences last but a short while.


The past will disappear like fluffy clouds.

Then a pure tomorrow will appear.

Happiness and Sadness will unite as one.


Good and bad memories, like

nightmares and ecstasy will not endure.

Have faith in the mysterious power that

opens the eyes of the newborn.


Stop and you will hear the simple voice

of your heart where all answers dwell.

Love dwells in your heart as well.

Permit Her to erase your fears.

To dry your tears.


Child of the Heavens!

You will know everything.

You will see everything.

You will be everything.

You will cry no more.


An angel will embrace you.

The angel is your best friend.

You are the angel.


A moment in time changes everything.

Free like the wind, you will fly to

distant worlds you behold in dreams.

Your wings will be Hope and Courage.


You will arrive at your destiny.

Child of the Heavens.

All in a moment in time.