Caught up in the whirlwind of Maya’s perpetual motion, I spin and spin.  From one cycle to the next I taste the fruit of action and reaction; sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, but never does it satisfy.


            Oh, my Soul, deliver me from Illusion’s spin!


            Tight is Maya’s grip upon me.  Oh, my Soul, help me extricate myself from her suffocating grasp.  Her devouring form weighs heavily upon me.


            I pray thee, oh, my Soul, grant me release.  Maya is like a wild beast clawing away at my heart.  Only you can save me from her savage attacks.  Without your divine shelter she will catch me then rip away all life, tearing me into bits and pieces.


            You are immune to Maya’s poisonous darts.  Oh, my Soul, may I take shelter in your arms and rest at your breast.  I beg thee, hear my cry and extend your loving mercy!