As I look around me what do I see?  Restless hungry souls trapped inside bodies which continuously torture them with transient pleasures which do not console the heart.  Ephemeral satiations temporarily fill the deep inner void, deceiving the soul once more to believe it can truly enjoy the passionate dance with the flesh.


            The nocturnal pleasures fade with the breath of each new dawn, and once more the soul is filled with an even deeper emptiness.  The sensitive spirit gazes into the eyes of those about and sees what they cannot see themselves.  He hears the cry of their hearts begging to be released from Illusion’s dark, lonely pit.


            Maya, oh vile mistress of deception!  Your seductive embraces lure our souls to your lusty chambers.  Your poisonous sweet lips suck away our life force.  Your tantalizing whispers enchant us, and we walk into your trap with eyes closed, unable to view the warning sign, “Step not into the chamber of grief and woe!”  How many times have I been your victim, relinquishing my free will yet once more for another night with you.

            Maya, goddess of misfortune, you offer joy and pleasure, but at the price of constant ravaging and gnawing at my soul.  With each indulgence I become weaker and you become stronger.  The times I avoid you other victims satisfy your insatiable hunger for immortality, granting you another day of life.  Immortality you will attain, you say, but a soft voice from deep within tells me “Not so!  Maya only lives as long as you allow.  Her days are numbered.  Withdraw from her embrace and her power is diminished.


            Wretched, Maya, release me from your clutches.  Sink back to your abyss of

death and mortality.  My soul is weary, but not extinguished.  My spirit has succumbed to your subtle temptations, but the faint whispers of the Muse awaken and stir memories I have never been able to completely forget; memories of the part of me you cannot penetrate nor seduce; the part of me who is indifferent to your soft caresses; the part of me that can destroy you.


            “Maya, you are but a dream!  A mirage that will disappear the moment I refuse to behold your fleeting form.  Phantom of the dark, flee!  I have seen the night.  The moment is nigh.  It is time to approach the light!