The roads are many to the celestial fields of paradise where peace and bliss dwell.  All souls make this long arduous journey, meeting the grand foe, Fear, who diverts their attention here and there, knowing it can only delay the journey every soul is destined to complete.


            All travel the road of mediocrity; some for days or months, others for years or lifetimes.  The detours of this road are many; each mile leading to thicker more obscure pathways which further alienate the self from the self.  This road has no final destination and to journey upon it wears heavily upon the body and soul.  All travelers on this crooked path eventually sink into oblivion and apathetic despair.  To breathe the air on this route reduces the traveler’s spirit to a state of total lethargy, causing it to collapse in feeble exhaustion.  Death finally embraces such lost souls, yet she can offer little consolation, for even Death must hand over each soul to Life, whence after a temporary repose and counsel with the Great Ones, the soul is reborn once more in mortal form for further purification.


            The soul journey can be delayed but never avoided.  The only escape from pain, sorrow, and mortal woes is to awaken from lethargy and to move forward.  All who call to Hope will be guided by her.  She will lead them past mediocrity’s rocky hills and gloomy valleys to the roads of struggle and yearning.


            The path of yearning is fraught with falling boulders and stones which shake and tear at the heart, and falling trees and branches which tear at the mind and emotions.  Yet, while on this road, the traveler becomes mindful of the journey’s goal; the celestial fields

of paradise whose sight is vaguely beheld in dreams and meditations.


            Falling obstacles on this road can never completely block the traveler’s vision, because Hope transmits guidance from their own hearts via wind currents of love. Yearnings’ painful stings only enhance the desire to complete the soul journey.  Doubt, despair, and sadness can fling their arrows, but Love will diminish their sting.  When the torrential storms of confusion and anger attempt to halt those crossing the bridge of struggle, the prayers of those who trust in something greater than themselves release rays of sunshine to swallow up the ominous clouds. 


            Fear can grip the traveler for a time but Love will release its strongest clutch.  One by one the valiant souls complete the journey to the celestial fields.  With each arrival, Fear’s power dwindles and Hope’s strength increases, allowing her to penetrate the inner depths of callous hearts so Love can enter to dress their wounds and ease their pain.


            The diminished suffering will renew their strength and these souls will soon be healed enough to recommence their journey.  During slumbers they will dream of the celestial fields of paradise.  Their faint memories upon awakening will attract them to the path of yearning and struggle. Armed with courage and faith they will journey until they arrive home!