I listened to the inner voice that spoke the words of truth.  It bade me to heed its calling to carry out a difficult task which would transform my life.  It asked me to believe in hopes and dreams and to relinquish my hold on the ropes of attachment which pull one sever so far from the soul’s destiny.


            The inner voice reminded me of my calling to assist in the awakening of others from their slumber so they too might hear the voice of their soul and heed its calling


            “Look about and listen,” it said.  “The lonely voices of humanity cry forth into the night longing for comfort and peace of heart.  Weary souls chasing mortal delights are not finding satisfaction.  The seductive enticements of Maya ensnare souls, imprisoning them in desire’s dark pit where she sucks away their innocence.”


            “Be strong and valiant,” the voice said. “Know that you a child of All That Is.  Delusion and Fear cannot touch you when you remember your true identity.  It is time to claim your rightful heritage.  You are entitled to peace, joy, and bliss.  The woes of the world need not tilt your equilibrium.  You only participate in pain and sorrow when your consciousness descends to their realm.  No one need drink from the bitter cup of sorrow.  You have access to everything.  There is no place for grief or loss when your attention is centered on your true being.  You are a part of everything.  How can you lack anything?


            Mortal life is but a temporary diversion for the soul; each life merely a moment in eternity.  The spark of life which opens the newborn’s eyes is the same spark which creates and destroys worlds.


            The voice assured me that confusion was temporary and would fade as the rays of transcendental knowledge shone forth, illuminating my perceptions and vision. 


            My soul rejoiced that I listened to the words it uttered.  I do look forward to the quiet moments of tomorrow when my soul and I will commune once more.