Drinking from the cup of sadness is a commonly practiced ritual by  mortals who identify with the human self.  Celestial beings and those people who are cognizant of their divinity live in harmony with all creation.  For them there are no false perceptions of separation from the life force which permeates everything and everything.  Identifying with their macrocosmic self allows them to live peaceful lives.  However, the majority of mortals overly identify with the microcosmic ego self which has no understanding of the interconnection of matter and spirit.


            A fundamental understanding of this interconnection offers a sense of oneness and kinship to all.  Dissolving the erroneous limiting perceptions that others are inherently different awakens one to a natural trust and respect for people.  Trust and respect open the door to the true essence of the self; which is love.


            Love knows no sense of separation, fear, guilt, or pain.  When the true essence (love) of life flows through one’s being, the mind cannot fool the self to believe it can be hurt.  Only the personality can perceive pain, lack, and the absence of unity.  The personality experiences sadness when it forgets its relation to the Self.  Believing itself to be incomplete and in need of others to feel a sense of wholeness, it becomes attached to various persons desiring them to fill the void of emptiness in their soul.  It truly believes another can offer happiness and joy.  In reality joy and happiness are not qualities of the Self but of the personality.  Sadness and all sentiments are created by the personality through the emotional body which was formed by the human ego.  Transient emotions come and go like the changing seasons.  To place one’s trust in and surrender to

ephemeral sentiments is an open invitation to drink from the cup of sadness and sorrow.  We do not discourage mortals from tasting from this cup, but rather remind them that the sweetness of joy, or the bitterness of sorrow do not last.  Taste from this cup with the understanding that to experience emotional reactions is a temporary inebriation.


            At first the Self played with emotional reactions in total non identification, never forgetting its oneness with the Great All That Is, that some call God.  Slowly its constant amusement and attention to its self centered ego led it to begin to identify with its creation until finally it totally forgot its connection to the source.


            Sadness can only be experienced by sleeping mortals unaware of their Great Self which is the essence of all life.  The ego, or little self, in its self centered thinking depends on the ego of others for sense gratification, emotional nurturing, and physical attention and excitement.  Self deception causes it to believe others can offer magical bliss through the experience mortals call “Falling in love.”  This expression is partially true in the sense that believing oneself to be in love does involve a fall; the fall from the awareness of inherent wholeness.  The fall from the total awareness of the Self gave birth to pain and sadness.


            We do not discourage communing and sharing with others.  The desire to share different experiences with different beings is a natural inclination of the Self.  Sharing expands creativity and awareness.  There are infinite varieties of possibilities for mortals to share on your earth and endless other worlds.  We simply encourage mortals to remember not to attempt to direct another’s actions to serve one’s own ego centered motives.


            Freeing yourselves from your ego’s expectations of others allows spontaneous sharing to occur.  Surrendering to your own soul, allows your own Great Self, the I am that I am, to direct your actions and destiny.  Then peace will begin to flow through your being.  At this time sadness will fade like tracks on the sand effaced by the ocean’s waves.  Remember these words and be at peace!