It is the false belief that Life unkindly snatches dear ones away that leads mortals to experience mourning.  Many perceive that when Life calls her children to walk through the portal of death that she eradicates their personality, effacing their spirit into nothingness.  How could Life be so unkind as to desire to separate you from those souls so dear to your hearts?  She would never attempt such a cruel act.  When the Self surrenders its human form to return to dust, the essence of life is not temporarily suspended or terminated.


            The Self has always lived and always will.  A lifetime is but a moment in eternity, a speck of sand on a beach ever moving to the dance of the oceanís waves.  It does not resist its destiny.  Likewise, the Self moves through one form to another in order to experience itself through material energy much the same way as one may wear a variety of garments to different occasions.  The Self creates human emotions and desires, then often forgets its divine origin, choosing to identify with its creations.  For a time it slumbers in the terrestrial fields of human illusion.  Yet its vision is never completely clouded, and forgetfulness fades when the dawn of remembrance approaches.


            Slowly the Self remembers its divine origin realizing that all peoples are living souls manipulating human form as a puppeteer playfully maneuvers the strings of the marionette.  When the Self has satisfied the desire for diversion, it lays the body down as the puppeteer lays down the marionette.  When the Self realizes that it possesses a body, but is not the body, then the belief in loss and separation fades.  In its stead will come the realization that the person, whose body has returned to the earth whence it came, has not died.  Physical separation need not sever your ties to your loved ones. 


            Think of them with fervent love and deep concentration.  Visualize their form and how they looked to you on the earth.  Recall fond memories.  If you persist you will feel their presence in time.  Your thoughts are powerful invisible energy spirals which can be directed to anyone anywhere and attract those people you refer to as the departed.  They have departed from your physical presence, but it is their spirit you so dearly loved and cherished.  Therefore, when you think about the departed you are calling upon their essence which survives physical dissolution.  Few people receive this contact because their restless chaotic thoughts block the higher mental faculties which transcend time and space.


            If you still your mind in daily quiet meditation, your sensitivity will heighten.  With persistence you can contact anyone who practices this discipline.  Those beyond your third dimension are receptive to your thoughts because they have access to higher intuitive perceptions most mortals do not develop.  This does not deny their existence.  All can enjoy contact with those dear to them.  As a letter from a friend can warm the heart without the personís physical presence, likewise can a departed loved one or intuitive person send you thoughts and warm your heart.  When you utilize your deeper cognitive faculties mourning will become obsolete in your experience.


            In reality all dimensions exist simultaneously.  Your geniusí have but tapped the surface of the tip of the iceberg of everyoneís inherent divinity.  Identify less with your mortal self and more with your divine self.  There is no task a focused will cannot accomplish.  Believe in yourselves.  Those you love can never die.  They are alive whether on the earth or in other chambers in Great Oneís vast mansions elsewhere.


            Why are these words spoken with confidence?  Because the essence of the self is

love, and love never dies.  Be joyous and mourn no more!