This word Love is as misunderstood by mortals as is the purpose for life itself.  People chase after love incessantly as though it were a commodity one could possess.  The moment you think you have grasped Love, she evades you, leaving your soul filled with emptiness and longing.  Like the wind, Love cannot be seen nor possessed.  To understand her you must penetrate the innermost depths of the heart, then be willing to patiently wait for her to reveal herself.


            You must prove yourself worthy and purify your thoughts and actions before Love will unmask herself.  Love only appears to the meek and humble and child like souls who have tamed the selfish ego, relinquishing all desire to exploit and control.  To seek happiness externally is to be unfaithful to your own heart, preventing the alchemical union of spirit and soul which must occur before Love appears to you.


            Love is complete unto herself remaining invisible to all who refuse to see themselves for whom they truly are; whole and complete souls.  Empty hollow hearts will never see Love through the eyes of another until they first see her through her own.  How many mortals attempt to understand this simple truth? Very few, therefore frustrated and lonely, they fall in the armís of Illusionís embrace, hoping this or that person will fulfill their deep longing for Love, giving them a sense of wholeness.


            They do not understand that the soul is complete and whole unto itself because it is part and parcel of Love.  No person can offer wholeness to another.  Mortals no longer remember who they are.  They have by their own free will separated themselves from the deepest part of their essence, Love.


            If you would be soothed by Loveís delicate caresses, go within, searching and searching until you find her.  Call out to Love.  She will whisper and direct you towards her.  Journey forward despite your doubts and fears and you will prove yourself worthy to enter Loveís sacred sanctuary.  Persistent, diligent steps will lead you to the golden portal through which you will pass arriving at Loveís sacred wedding altar where she awaits you.  Her kiss will awaken you from mortal oblivion then you will never again feel lonely or incomplete.


            There at the sacred alter your soul and spirit will be wed, then you will no longer search outside yourself for completion.  It is at this time, and this time only, that Love can make herself visible to you through someone elseís eyes.  In reality your Belovedís gaze will mirror your own image, and your gaze will mirror their reflection.  For then you will realize that Lover, Beloved, and Love are One!