Hatred results from the faulty perception that someone outside yourself possesses the key to your happiness and fulfillment.  Those who feel incomplete look to another to fill the void inside their heart.  Such attempts invariably lead to frustration and further emptiness because incompletion is not an inherent characteristic of the soul.  To believe otherwise is to misperceive oneís true essence.  The belief of incompletion of the soul is only born in the mind which has descended to the illusory mode of dualistic thinking.


            Hatred can only be experienced when you believe that your peace and joy depend upon the actions of another, and when this other withholds attention, or what may be perceived as love, frustration ensues leading to anger which can lead to feelings of hatred.  Only those alienated from their true nature are capable of perceiving hatred for another human being.  Fiery emotional outbursts are the result of clinging efforts to direct either oneís own, or anotherís destiny.  Some do believe they can exert their will upon another for selfish ego gratification.  Hatred results when the imposerís designs are thwarted through the resistance of anotherís will.


            If everyone surrendered all desire to control or impose upon another, hatred would melt as a snowflake and the soul could pour forth the love from within for which all mortals search and hunger.  To hate another is an external projection of deep inner turmoil and self loathing.  Such troubled ones believe themselves to be split, and search diligently for that person with whom to unite.  When the person does not live up to their ideal expectations, they search once more seeking another whose heart they would seek to possess under the guise of love.  In reality such deluded ones are attempting to capture

love who always flees from those who would cling.  For you cannot grasp love for even a moment.  If you are worthy Love may approach you, but she flees from all who attempt to capture her.


            Examine your concept of hatred and see if an inner voice will not reveal the fallacy that to depend on another for love is to deny your own divine nature and essence.  Recognize love in yourself then you will see it in others and they will see it in you.  The heart who awakens to this truth will then be filled with boundless love for all life.  When you are embraced by the supreme truth, you will never again feel alone or separated.  Everyone awaits this divine inner embrace.  Know that the rays of deeper understanding will illuminate your consciousness effacing ignorance and attachment.  Illumination dissipates the mist of hatred and anger.


            Look within and discover that you are whole and complete.  The creative infinite intelligence endowed everyone with an independent will and ability to discover that there are no secrets or mysteries to penetrate.  Knowledge, wisdom, and happiness are contained within the chamber of the heart.  No one need search anotherís heart for the missing key.  There is no need.  The chamber was never locked.  Everyone has access to this chamber where nothing is lacking.  Since you are whole, your true being can never lack.  Therefore, there is no reason to experience hatred.  It is but a passing dream which fades the moment you awaken to your true identity as a free independent spirit at one with the infinite All That Is some call God.


            Cherish your oneness, holding it near your heart as a mother holds her newborn babe to her bosom.  When you unite with yourself then you will see others through the

eyes of unconditional love.  It is time for an outpouring of this greater love unto humanity

to awaken them from their lethargy.  When enough people shine forth their radiance in the caverns of forgetfulness and ignorance, then joy will return again and hatred will be no more.  This day is drawing nigh.  Rejoice and know that you are one!