And they will be separated as is the wheat from the chaff.  And those with the capacity and the Will to remember their divine origin will be granted the strength and ability to conquer and control their mortal ego; to fuse their consciousness with the absolute transcendental life force, never again to descend their thoughts to the dual realms of illusion and suffering.


            To those unique souls who can penetrate beyond the relative finite realm of human thought and mortal confusion, we say, Be at peace!  For unto you will be revealed those secrets hidden from mortal sight.  Your vision will be keener, your hearing will be more acute.  Your perceptions will be more profound, and your soul will become more ecstatic as you swim in the deeper celestial oceans of bliss.


            The soft whispers you hear in contemplative reverie and dreams will become clear and comprehensible to your conscious mind.


            The celestial nectar is before you.  Empty the chalice and be thirsty no more!