Beyond Memory


        It seems there was a time when I knew everything; the reasons behind the reasons we accept in response to the questions life poses.  As a river flows into the ocean, and the ocean extends to embrace and unite with the river, so was at one time my soul united with the infinite All That Is.  The infinite flowed through my mortal being and rejuvenated my soul daily with the nectar of transcendental knowledge.

            The deep hunger in my heart to know and understand did not gnaw at my mind, for my mind, heart, and spirit were one.  I had not tasted from the cup of forgetfulness.  The inner yearnings and vague memories, which I cannot define nor grasp, did not haunt me; yet whose misty translucent forms never cease to appear before my eyes, disturbing my thoughts.

            Unable to clearly see these forms still I cannot eradicate them.  Can I only see their true form in dreams?  Can I remember the birth of these memories?  Can I return to the place beyond the time where memory and knowledge were inseparable?  What caused this breach?  Is it important or perhaps does it not exist at all?  Perhaps forgetfulness is a game of the self-engaging the self.

            In the silence, I hear a faint laugh then a soft voice that whispers, “Close your eyes.  Look inside and you will see beyond the veil of forgetfulness.  In reality there is no time when you did not know everything.  Forget no more!  Remember and be at peace!