I was a student of metaphysics and the spiritual realm for several years before I began to open up “to channeling”.  Being very impressed by the Seth books channeled by Jane Roberts, and the Lazaris books channeled by Jach Pursel, in 1988 I asked spirit if I could also become a channel to assist, inspire, encourage, and educate people who are serious about learning, growing, and healing.  They responded in the affirmative saying that I had done so in more than one previous incarnation. 


          They added that channeling would be a nice diversion from my usual Psychic Readings and my writing and told me because of my mercurial, flexible mind I would be able to channel MANY GUIDES/ANGELS/MASTERS and other BEINGS in the White Light in service to individuals and to humanity.  They added that it would especially help me work off a lot of my own karma, for as they always say so adamantly and lovingly “Service is the quickest and most efficient way to work off karma and to grow.”


   I spent over two years working with my Higher Guides and several wonderful teachers and channels who guided and coached me.  I practiced and learned from trial and error.  In time my skills became more honed and refined, and it was a glorious exciting day for me when I offered my first public channeling on March 11, 1992 to a private audience of twenty-five people in Cincinnati, OH.  I channeled “The “M” Circle, chelas of Ascended Master El Morya” in a class entitled “Loving Unconditionally.”  People commented that the channeling was powerful, warm, and very uplifting and informative.


  I have been offering public and private Channelings for over fifteen years.  I offer them in person in Cincinnati, OH, over the telephone to clients all over the country and in other countries, and via Email for those who enjoy reading a printed written copy of their channeling!



I am also currently working on a book called WILD WONDERFUL WHAT IFS where I have channeled

Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, W. C. Fields, Vaslav Nijinski, Helen Keller, and Walt Disney.



Hear From Your Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel/Totem Animal, Ascended Master or Master Angel in Your Own Special and Unique Private Channeling!


You are encouraged and invited to ask questions!


In this Unique and Personal Channeling, meet and speak with your very own Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel/Totem Animal or Ascended Master.  Your Spirit Guides have been with you since birth.  It is their mission, desire and goal to assist you and help you along your pathway in life.  Think of them as your spiritual mentor, parent or big brother and sister.  They love you very much and have known you in previous lifetimes.  They speak in your dreams, through your hunches, and the voice of your intuition.  Yet, you are often too busy and distracted to hear them.  They are very excited and delighted to speak with you!


Your Spirit Guides not only address your personal concerns and questions, they can also tune into your spiritual, and universal questions YOU MAY HAVE SUCH AS PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE, DREAM INTERPRETATION, REINCARNATION AND PAST LIVES, KARMA, PLANETARY EVOLVEMENT, HEALING, SOUL MATES AND TWIN FLAMES, EXTRATERRESTRIALS ETC.  


Dwelling on THE FOURTH DIMENSION they are all able to enter the Hall of Records and read THE AKASHIC RECORDS to obtain the information to answer your questions!




Hear from an Ascended Master who is dear to your heart such as Beloved St. Germain of the Violet Ray,  The Master Alchemist and Magician


St. Germain is a very energetic, powerful, humorous master who never ceases to enjoy the company of his earth family as he puts it.  Known as “The Wonder Man” of Europe, he marveled people with his alchemical/magical abilities.  He loves speaking about magic, soul mastery, alchemy and transmutation and he always welcomes your personal questions.



Hear from Kuthumi (St. Francis of Assisi)


Let this wonderful, kind and gentle master fire you up in his special gentle manner.  Just as he loved animals and nature when he was a monk in his life as Brother Francis, so does Beloved Kuthumi have a deep love for his brothers and sisters on the earth, and he is always honored and delighted to offer classes, and private channelings.


To learn more about Beloved Kuthumi and his life in Italy as St. Francis, I recommend the movie




Hear from Michel de Notre Dame



Michael has channeled Nostradamus several times publicly as well as privately.  This Great Seer loves to speak about honing your prophetic skills and divination.  He gives advice on using divination tools, psychic development and noticing meaningful signs, omens and symbols of everyday life.  He also enjoys looking into past, parallel, and future lives.  He loves personal contact and invites questions.



Hear from Hilarion, Ascended Master of the Green Healing Ray


Hilarion is a very wise and loving master who enjoys that personal touch and contact, reminding people of the need to heal through the emotional body.



Hear from Archangel Michael

 of the Blue Flame


In this channeling be personally empowered, and uplifted and your soul fire aroused and ignited with renewed passion for conquering the lower self, taming the personal ego, and learning to accelerate your karma and to manifest magic and miracles!


It is time to cut through our every fear, negative thought, and belief system that holds us back from the cornucopia of “divine goodies” that is ours for the taking and enjoying.  Lord Michael salutes the Holy Fire and the Soul and eagerly imparts his knowledge and wisdom to those interested. 


Included along with the tape is a Lord Michael Blue Flame Chant given to Michael in 1992 and an "Ascension Chant-"Star Seeds Rise!"


Hear from the Blessed Mother Mary


Her gentle wisdom comes through very clearly.  The Blessed Mother Mary’s messages are powerful, very uplifting and inspiring.  Her love comes through and feels like a refreshing gentle rain, and people are usually drawn to tears by her depth, love, and compassion!




Hear from Mother Teresa


 whose journey of compassion and unconditional selfless love has won the admiration and hearts of millions around the world.  She brings that same selfless unconditional love and compassion to her personal sessions as well. 




Hear from Beloved Kuan Yin

Also known as the “Compassionate Savioress Bodisattva of the East.  Kuan Yin’s role as Eastern Madonna has been compared to that of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, in the West.  She brings the spirit of compassion and mercy in her channelings.  Her sole heart’s desire is to help heal the world and to help her earth brothers and sisters come into total enlightenment!



Hear from Beloved Joan of Arc


The Maid of Orleans is very attracted to those who hear “the soul voices” of spirit and who follow the guidance of the sacred soul teachers and mentors.  She loves to fill people with courage and hope just as she did when she fired up her beloved France.  She says we are all beloved Brothers and Sisters and it is her honor and delight to meet and speak to others of this day and age. 



Hear from Your Personal Medicine Spirit Shamans and Totem Animals

Chief Running Bull, Moon Bear, Singing River, Sun Bear, Whispering Wind, Silver Trees, Shadow fox, Golden Eagle are just a few of the native Shaman medicine spirits who have come through Michael in channelings.  Meet and GREET YOUR PERSONAL SHAMANS/MEDICINE TEACHERS and be excited, and enthused by their earth wisdom!



Messages, Fun & Frolic with the Faeries


The Little Ones, The Elementals, Earth’s Special Playmates, Guardians & Keepers of Nature are just a few names attributed to “The Faeries”.  We see them in movies, read about them in Fairy Tales and stories, and some of us actually catch a glimpse of them occasionally.  The Faeries have been with us for more years than we can begin to count.  They love flowers, lovely sounds, music, dancing, and especially lightness and laughter.  They are attracted to garden treats such as honey cakes, faerie cookies and goodies.



In this Fun and Interesting Channeling you will meet YOUR PERSONAL FAERIES and perhaps even your very own  FAERIE GODMOTHER!

A channeling to entertain the inner child and uplift the heart!




If you are attracted to other guides, angels, Shamans, Beloved Earth Personalities, feel free to let Michael know and he will ask his guides if he can channel them for you!



Cost:  $150 for the Private One Hour Taped Channeling


To order your channeling, please contact Michael directly