I do many of them at Parties, Social Gatherings, and Celebrations, and Festivities.  It is exciting to hear a Psychic Past Life Reader tell you that you were an artist, musician or a writer in another life when you have an affinity for writing, art, or music in this lifetime.  The insight can even help you to decide whether you are here to pursue it as an avocation or a career in this lifetime.


 I was thrilled some 20 years ago when a Past Life Reader/Astrologer I had never seen before detailed several French and Italian lifetimes I had lived involving opera, writing, and art.  What she did not know is that at the time of the reading I was a French Teacher, I had studied opera and taught myself Italian.  And those were my favorite countries where I felt most at home when I studied in Europe on a semester abroad scholarship program some three years before my Past Life Reading.


  Such confirmations are empowering, enriching, and educational! 






Are you carrying emotional baggage you can’t release?


Is there a relationship you simply cannot seem to let go of-someone who still pulls your heart strings although they may be physically out of your life since weeks, months or even years?


            Are there fears and obstacles that keep you from realizing your dreams and which keep you blocked, frustrated and unable to garner the excitement and energies needed to manifest them?


Are there obsessions and phobias that haunt you?  Certain geographical locations or people you feel an instant attraction or dislike to?


Introduction to the HEAL YOUR PAST…



Whether you are aware of it or not, we have all lived past lives (most of us have lived quite a few) and those lives impact and influence us now; especially our more recent ones.   They help determine our talents, our abilities, our strengths, and our weaknesses of character.  Our good and bad karma that we have accumulated from our past lives will determine what parents we are born to along with the circumstances of our birth, even down to our physical attributes, looks and characteristics. 




Michael and His Guides team up with yours for a unique Soul Journey into your past to give you insight, and understanding so your heart can heal and you can move on with your life.




          Our soul families are those people we connect with and feel close to, but to whom we have no blood ties in this lifetime.  However, we have frequently had blood ties with them in other lifetimes.  This can explain the depths of some of our relationships with people we feel closer to than our own parents, siblings, and other family members.  Meeting and bonding with other “Soul Family” members can take away much of the loneliness and yearning that can haunt us for years, and fill our lives with adventure, happiness and satisfaction.


We experience the whole gamut of human drama and possibilities during our Earth lifetimes and that is why we are to learn not to judge others. Just as we have lived past lives where we were of high society, where we may have been a prince or princess, a scholar, inventor, or artist, that we also experience lowly lives where we could have been a bum, a whore, a drunk, a liar, thief, or even a simple cow herder somewhere.  It is tolerance, love, and most importantly, the need to develop compassion for every living person and creature on the planet that must be emphasized.



In what ways can a Past Life Reading be helpful:


-Find out the origin of fears and phobias.

-Why some of us experience a very difficult and lonely childhood.

-Why we are vulnerable to certain addictions and vices.

-Why we may seem to attract the wrong kind of people.

-The origins of deep depressions and emotional pain.

-How to transform pain to joy through awareness and knowledge, a willingness to heal, and soul journeying.





            The reading gave me clarity and much insight.  He gave many more details that I need not mention here.  Since then I have fully dedicated myself to my music and I look forward to meeting that “special someone” when the time is right.   My life no longer feels miserable.


            - I highly recommend Michael!  Lauren Simpson



            Michael is right on target!   If you want insight, clarity and peace

            of mind, he is the man to call- 


           - Truly grateful, Bradley Thomas



-Thank you, Michael, for all your help.  Life will never be a drag again!

Derick Matthews


-Michael’s Readings are amazing.  I’ve been going to him for years.  Last year I decided to try my first PAST LIFE READING.  I was very satisfied-  Susan Palmer


 -The Past Life Reading was educational, amazing, entertaining and very helpful….My heartfelt gratitude- Mia Johnson



Cost $100


In-Person/Taped Phone/Email Readings All Available


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