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Thank you for visiting MICHAEL'S COMPLETE METAPHYSICAL SERVICES. I am glad that you are here. I offer a cornucopia of services so that you may choose that which appeals to you and it is my hope and desire that you benefit from your visit here. You could have gone to many more sites but for some reason you have paid me an Internet visit. Nothing happens by chance.

First, let me tell you that I am A DREAMER, A POET, A SINGER AND A WRITER along with being an Intuitive, and a spiritual counselor, and teacher. And yes I offer many services: Email Readings, Phone Readings, Office Visits, classes, Channelings, my book HALFWAY TO HEAVEN and more. Life has taken me to the depths and heights of human hopes, aspirations, and dreams. I have visited the domains of sorrow, despair and pain as well. My childhood was most difficult. I speak of this in my book
HALFWAY TO HEAVEN. However, a strong faith in God, life, and my own soul led me to reach out and attract people who could lead and guide me along the way and teach me that the power of love, hope, beauty and patience can enable us to overcome the most difficult circumstances and problems life can possibly offer and confront us with. Slowly but surely I was able to embark upon a healing path that rescued me from my own inner demons and fears. There were many tears to be shed. Many lost moments when I feared Oblivion would swallow me up and chew me into non existence. But I prayed, and hoped and my will to heal prevailed and got me through.

My angelic visitation at age 13 was a turning point for me. You can read about this in my book if you wish. The
PREFACE AND INTRODUCTION of Halfway to Heaven are available on my website for you to enjoy at no cost. I have learned that 'THE CALL COMPELS THE RESPONSE" as I state in my book and that help can come in so many ways, means and forms. I wish good things for you, dear Reader. I also have faith in your own abilities to manifest your own goals and dreams. For I know that beyond your fears, doubts and limitations lies a beautiful domain and realm that I call "The realm of the soul" where all is possible. All hurts can be healed here. Knowing and wisdom can be tapped, and here guidance and wisdom is unlimited. The healing journey takes time, effort and much faith, diligence and determination. But the REWARDS ARE FAR WORTH THE EFFORTS. I know and speak from experience.

May you feel HOPE after visiting my site. May the spark of your own life force, soul light and dreams be ignited! May you feel the urge to move on and to find yourself and come TO THE FULLNESS OF YOUR PASSION and LIFE PURPOSE. For it is a grand one indeed.......And don't forget that magic and miracles are very real and possible. Sometimes they are all we have to believe in and hold onto. My dreams and hopes got me through so many terrible times and ordeals in childhood. I believe in good things and love, and caring, and gentleness, and I have faith that WE CAN OVERCOME all that would hold us back and keep us chained to our fears and limitations. DREAM, SOAR AND IMAGINE GREAT THINGS.......There is nothing that Love, hope, and determination cannot cleanse and heal.......

Michael Dennis


Michael Dennis
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