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There was a time long ago when life was truly magical, abundant, and blissful. You basked in the daily enchantment of life and worries and cares were practically non-existent. You were light of body and spirit and there was nothing you could not manifest. In your dreams and hidden yearnings you remember this time and seek to taste such sweetness and happiness once more. Your special angel has always been with you since birth and before. It is your destiny to learn how to manifest all of your dreams.

In this unique Reading, meet and greet your Master Angel who will take you on a journey back to yourself. Learn of your Greater Picture, and what you came to learn and experience in this particular lifetime. See who you have been before and how this impacts you now. Learn of your hidden abilities. This is a truly inspirational, Reading full of useful and practical information.

Thank you for my Master Angel Email Reading. I continue to find it inspiring, thought provoking, and stimulating. The reading is truly awesome. You targeted many aspects of my personality with limited information about myself. It’s truly amazing and a priceless gift that I will treasure over time. I’m pleased to possess it in written form for I can easily refer to its message over the course of time. With respect and gratitude,



I have always enjoyed and been very empowered, uplifted and encouraged by your Psychic Readings. BUT this new Master Angel Email Reading was the icing on the cake. To be honest, it blew me away. It was a truly in depth Reading that gave me a better sense of my larger picture and mission I am to accomplish in this lifetime. I will definitely be passing the word around. My heartfelt thanks.

                                            -Brenda B.


I would like to give my sincere thanks for my Master Angel Email Reading. It was right on and addressed a lot of my issues; especially my power struggles with women. Again thanks for the helpful insight. I will ponder this reading many times and look forward to my next one.

                                       -Ken P.

Dear Michael,

Your Master Angel Reading truly touched my soul. I felt like I was basking in poetry, ambrosia, and other Heavenly Loveliness. That’s the only way I know how to describe it. I always felt I had a special mission but could never quite grasp it. My Angel took me on a journey within that resonated each step of the way. I am rededicated to my complete my healing journey . I sense there will be much demand for these new Readings.



My angel took me to glorious heights and she was also tremendously practical and down to earth, offering much useful practical advice. I was truly moved...


comment on the master angel reading:

My master angel reading was so much a blessing to me. I had been trying for so long to reach my precious friend, and as frustrated, and lost i felt before, is only how relieved and unique, and excited I feel now. I thought I would never find any answers, but now I see, I have had them all along, and without Michaels help, my sweet Angel may have never gotten through to me. Pure joy is not something we, as people, often feel... my reading has brought me joy. Thank you Michael, so much, for helping me glimpse all of the wonders I have to look forward to in this lifetime, and all of the others to come.


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