When ordering directly from Michael or buying his book at Psychic Fairs and other events, you receive your personalized copy with a special, inspirational message.
Examples of personalized autographs

To Belinda:
Oh, beautiful one. The sky is opening her gifts and bounties to you. The light shines and your smile will let the winnings pour. Prosperity, abundance are yours for the receiving now. Love and light, Michael

To Susie:
The lady who loves to win and who laughs so heart free and sometimes belly full. Your heart is big and your laughter contagious. You are the teacher too, dear one, and your earth journey will bring more writing. Might you consider to gather some of your writings. There are those who can benefit from them. Have fun. Run around. You love life and you got a ticket to ride. Joyfully, Michael

To Julia Rae:
As you laugh so do you cry. For joy and sorrow flow from the wells of your soul. Much to do and much to give. Give and give and then give more. Blessings are abundant and forthcoming for you. Love and laughter, Michael

To Marian:
The hope that rests in your soul is gently knocking at your heart's door. You hear the gentle taps and you are glimpsing the rays of your internal sun. be still and let Hope awaken your every dream. Your joy is here. Embrace joy and caress life. Talk to the animals too.

To Flora:
Flora, it is time to bloom and let your soul flower once more. Light. Lightness. Delight. Flora, so dear, the deer love you. Let your heart speak once more and take in Life's every fragrance.

To Sondraya:

Sister of the dark.
Sister of the light.
To know and see you again
is ecstatic sheer delight.

The healers of this earth
shall laugh, sing,
and surely dance.
Nothing, dear one,
happens by chance.

Love, hugs, tears and joy, Michael

To Cynthia:
You carry a grand treasure in your heart of gold. It is time to give. It is time to dance. It is time to shine forth the flames of your soul which glow so brightly, so clearly. Your light is not going to harm anyone. People are cold and have need of your fire. You are a flame that caresses the energies of the soul, of the heart, of the body. You have journeyed on this earth many times. Let your warmth heal the sorrows of your beloved brothers and sisters when you invite them into the sanctuary of your heart. In love all is one. There is no separalefttion. Your soul and angels see your tears, your joys, your hopes, and your burning desire to remind others of "the all important". Your soul will lead you to the doors of "Knowing", and as you heal others through your touch, so shall you be healed as well. Calm yourself, little one. You will see the face of God and will tremble and glow from the warmth. It is the time for your fire to dance!