The miles they never truly separate

those who are yoked in mind and heart.

It is the soul which animates true love

and feeds their passions from finish to start.


The Dreamers ever look upward in hopes

to catch a glimpse of a magical star

who will guide them to their Beloved

no matter where they are.


Some days are dark and dreary.

Some nights the stars seem not to appear.

Still, the Dreamers never cease their seeking.

They wait until the sky is bright and clear.


No matter how sad or alone you may feel

there is someone special waiting for you.

Never lose faith, and hope and keep star gazing

and watch your dreams one by one come true.






Are you sad, my Beloved?

What is this deep, inner yearning that tears at

your tender soul and rips your heart apart?


I am so far from you.

The hands of distance have lifted and carried me even further away

so that I might take a small reprieve from the life that I know.


That I might take in the gifts of celestial splendors.

Be nourished by star bright radiance.

Be filled with lunar hopes and dreams

as the full moon smiles down upon me.

As the night shadows embrace me and

assure me there is nothing to fear.


Nature offers her cornucopia of consolations

and comfort, and yet, I know that I am somehow not alone.

I have made this journey to bask in Solitude

and the warm company of friends of days gone by.


Friends who nurtured me when my heart

was more wounded and fragile than now.

Friends whose echoing words of caring saved me

so many times when Despair nearly swallowed me whole.

When my own internal demons shrieked so madly,

and gnawed at my heart and soul with such ruthless,

insidious ferocity, I almost did not survive.


The years can help heal the soul if we will look upward

and see past the darting, racing shadows that would

enshroud us in empty blackness.


There is magic and healing in friendship.

I have journeyed back to drink from the fountains of yesterday.

And yet, you are somehow here!


You come to me in dreams.

You reach out to me.

You enfold me.


The warmth of your fullness both frightens and delights me.

How can I send you away?


Would you hear me if I spoke your name and

asked you to take leave, at least for now?

So that I might bask in the sweetness of the company

and kindness of old friends and memories.


But alas, I do not know who you really are.

Nor do you know me.

And yet, somehow I feel in my soul that I do know you

very well and could love you for all eternity.


Can such dreams be but the fabrications of a sad heart?

Is your presence a mirage that appears to lift me out of

the abyss of my own loneliness?


Or has your own loneliness been so real that it has

empowered you to step through time and come to me?

I close my eyes and block your image, but you do not fade.

The night has no power to carry your lovely ethereal form away.


What is it that attracts you to me?

Makes you so willing to go so far to be with me?

You have said you can bring me happiness on earth.

That you have waited all your life to meet someone like me.


I can never express how deeply your words touch and move me.

How you stir up an old hope for Love that once nurtured my soul.

Ah, the sweet longing and joyous of hopes of those yesterdays

which seem far longer than they really are.


Yes, how clearly do I recall the ecstasy of complete

surrender to the delights and mysteries of Love.

Yes, my Beloved, I was transported to Aphroditeís

delicious gardens after Cupidís arrow pierced me.


I was willing to give my all to the Beloved who enchanted

me with her smiles, her gleaming eyes and haunting, mysterious gaze.

To think upon her, whisper her name, or envision her image

filled my entire being with the most passionate ardor

and aroused my every hunger.


I ached to caress her beautiful body.

The mere mental image of her would set ablaze my heart and soul,

torrid flames of desire burning me through and through, my body quivering


Throbbing pounding heart beating faster and faster until I

nearly fainted in delirious rapture.


The gods exact a price for their favors.

I ask myself was there poison in Cupidís dart?

Could I have stepped aside and avoided his aim?

Is the ensuing ecstasy then pain worth invoking the godsí names?


My sweet one, I think on you and blow you a kiss from afar.

And I wonder is yearning and longing the poison from Cupidís dart?

Perhaps I can never know anymore than I can know

if broken hearts ever do heal.


But I can wish and hope you are spared all pain.

That you will not call upon the Immortals who perhaps

have far less to offer Mortals than they claim.


Will you walk away or come to me once more in dreams tonight?

Will I wake up feeling you somehow nearby?
Will your spirit come close to comfort and console me

or will you sprout golden, glorious wings

and suddenly learn to fly.






I love the way you look at me.

I adore your cute grin and smiles.

Your silly antics I find so delightful

though we are separated by many  miles.


The concept called Time does not exist for us.

Our souls embrace in the day and at night in dreams.

I have but to reach out and your image appears.

We soar from star to star and dance on moonbeams.


Often we know what the other is thinking

before our mouths utter that first word.

When you do talk to me it is music to my ears.

How my emotions and soul passions you have stirred.


I donít claim to know much about human love.

My past relationships pierced my tender heart.

Now I thank the gods for the kindness you offer.

You are my goddess, the new Muse of my art.


Letís play in the fields of our dreams

Let me lose myself in your radiant glow.

Destiny holds so many wonders for us.

Thinking of you makes my heart overflow.






I look deeply into your eyes

wondering who it is that I see.

Is it you looking at me so kindly,

or is it me looking back at me?


It seems we have so much in common.

I think we share part of the same soul.

Your words sound like they come from my mind.

The deepest thoughts in my heart you know.


I would love to speak with your for an Eternity.

So grateful am I to have found one who shares my mind.

This is the greatest treat I have ever had.
Rarely do such souls each other find.


I have had meaningful, real connections.

People have come in my life to help me grow.

But I admit that I have never had anyone

echo the feelings in my soul.


The words of the poem you shared with me

are forever etched deeply in my heart.

Though the distance between us is far,

United souls are never really apart.






Love is a friend of yore.

She has known you since the birth of time.

She will soothe your cares away

and fill your soul with songs and rhyme.


She knows your secret yearnings.

Your hopes, your fears, your dreams.

She speaks most clearly in the quiet.

In the forest or near a bubbling stream.


Love is a keeper of promises

made so very long ago.
She is the mother of the Muses.

Her warmth makes life flourish and grow.


She is the guardian of all that is precious.

Let her efface your doubts, your fears.

Wonít you receive Love into your heart?

Let her fill you with joyous smiles and tears.






Inside my palm there is a gift

I wish to impart to you.

It is a gem most magnificent

of the very brightest hue.


To see its beauty you must look inside.

Some see it best at night.

The stars enhance its qualities

of wonder, kindness and delight.


It asks for nothing but gives all.

Its sole desire is to spread joy.

It fills with magic all who embrace it.

Old and young, men and women, girls and boys.


Have you guessed what my gift is

that I freely give to you?

The gift is called LOVE.

Let it make your dreams come true.







Say yes to Love!

I implore you one and all.

Follow her footsteps.

Answer when she calls.


Love, gush forth.

Fill me to the brim.

I am ready to know you.

I will follow your whims.


Let her take you to hidden places

you have never seen before.

She has many secrets to show you

behind her enchanting doors.


A mysterious being is Love.

An enigma in many ways.

She is the great healer

to all who have gone astray.


Let her comfort you

by her tender, gentle embrace.

She is the soother of sorrow.

All pain can Love efface.


She has so much to teach us.

She brings out the very best.

Let Love calm your every fear.

Rest peacefully at her breast.






Hear the soft serenade of the wind.

Gentle forest creatures whisper your name.

You are their beloved friend and companion.

Where Love dwells there is no shame.


Each morning your smile welcomes the dawn.

Your presence is reflected in rippling streams.

Your image is noticed by a tiny fawn.

Most mortals only see you in dreams.


You feed the lilies and the trees.

Your celestial touch paints the sky.

Your bring forth the April showers,

and offer hope to the sorrowful and shy.


May we be grateful for your gifts.

You are the sustainer of our hearts and souls.

Your beauty shines through the sunís rays.

By your will all life moves and grows. 






Love directs the journey of the wind.

She guides the seagull on his flight.

Never clearly can you see her invisible form

in the light of the day or the dark of the night.


She passes through forests and trees,

encircling the clouds, embracing the sky.

The moment you least expect it

Love looks at you through a childís eyes.


She warms your heart and caresses your soul.

She provides you lovely snow on a wintersí day.

You know her and you know her not.

Love speaks not, yet much does she say.


Her message is not grasped through words.

Only the soul understands her will.

Close your eyes and open your heart.

Hear her murmurs when all is still.






She visits you in dreams at night.

Your spirit hears her gentle song.

She speaks when you are feeling sad.

Let her strength help make you strong.


Be renewed by her gentle touch.

She gives birth to brighter days.

Although you cannot see her,

to sad hearts she has much to say.


She lives far beyond the horizon.

She swims in the deepest seas.

When you call forth her name,

she answers the soulís fervent plea.


Close your eyes and listen softly

to a voice that is always near.

The Ladyís name is Love.

Let her wipe away your tears.






So you are feeling down.
The song of sadness trips your heart.

Teary eyed as you walk the valley.

The taste of life today is tart.


Despair lurks behind the door,

wanting to blind you from hope.

Wishing to steal away your cheer.
Saying you simply cannot cope.


Let me tell you, kind soul.

He is not as powerful as he thinks.
Do not sip the wine he offers.
Only bitter are his drinks.


Call out to Love!

Although gentle she is not weak.

She will take away your sadness

by the caring words she speaks.






There is no room inside me for the aches of loneliness.

Love, fill all that is me and all that is not me,

so that I may come into the fullness of myself;

that others may come into their fullness.


All that remains is for me to reach out to you.

Let me take your sweet essence deep inside.

Give it nurturing so that it may grow and expand.


It is time to know Loveís fullness and relate

to all that surrounds me.

Love, permeate me, my cells, my veins, my pores,

my nerves, all of me.


Love, absorb me.

Dance with me and smile upon me with your twinkling eyes.

Time to lose myself in your touch and wonder.


Time to know your dreams, watch you create them

with simplicity, and set them twirling into the

innermost reaches of the heart.


Time for me to dream my own dreams.

To will good things into my life and not be afraid of them.

Time to love all life.


This is the moment.

I lift my arms upward.

With an open heart I am ready to receive.

Love, fill me!






Bow down before the altar

at the feet of Love.

Surrender your worries,

your fears, your cares.

Let the Lady of the heart soothe you.


She will wipe away your tears

when life pulls at you so fiercely,

rocking you on stormy seas.

If you call out to Love,

She will rescue you immediately.


Go forth to Loveís sacred altar.

She waits only moments more.

You must make the choice to invite her

or she closes her heartís door.


She is not your enemy.

She is your most exalted dream.

Go now and receive her embrace.

The Lady of the heart calls to thee.

Wonít you bow at the feet of Love?