My beloved, you knew me in another time.

Our hearts were as one, our love was sublime.

This is why you will be drawn to me.

In our souls dwell memories of what used to be.


We will speak again beneath the silvery full moon.

Glimpses of you, my Beloved, will appear soon.

When I ask the angel to show me your face,

you will walk towards me with finesse and grace.


Your starlit eyes look deep into my soul.

You slowly take my hand; my tears begin to flow.

Your mouth slowly opens; in a soft voice you speak.

ďOur separation is nigh over; not much longer to seek.


My Beloved, I will soon step out of your dream.

Hand in hand we will walk by a bubbling stream.

I will make you smile and again will you sing.

Your songs to others much pleasure will bring.


My Love, we will be given another chance

to complete our love and fulfill our romance.

Open your eyes and know I will soon be there.

There is so much for you and I to share.


The time for our meeting is drawing nigh.

Our love for each other will never die.

My passionate lady with depth of soul.

So much to enjoy; so much love to overflow.


We will fall asleep nightly in each otherís arms.

Our love will shield us from danger and harm.

My Beloved, you will help me to create more art.

No more do I fear being struck by Cupidís dart.






A long time ago beyond this earth

our spirits danced from star to star.

When I left celestial realms you said,

ďI will find you wherever you are.


I am here you shall say

when you step out of my dreams

to fulfill a little promise

made by a gentle bubbling stream.


The melodies of your heart

are mimicked by the birds

who bring messages to me

which by mortals are not heard.


We will be united soon, my Love.
Take comfort in these words and know

that we will be so happy together.

Our love will daily grow.


There is so much I want to show you

while discovering your world anew.

We shall rest near the roses

and be kissed by the morning dew.


Our time together will be blissful

until we return to our celestial home

When Death leads us to Heavenís portal,

no more on the earth will we roam.


Then again hand in hand we

will dance from star to star.

Gliding across the heavens

Enjoying celestial splendors near and far.


You will still sing your sweet songs

which will be carried by the wind.

To mortal ears below your

melodious whispers shall descend.






I behold the silhouette of your image

one night while I slumber.

You are taking a leisurely stroll

through a field of clover.


The stars are bright.

The moon is full.

It follows your steps.

It wishes to bask in your presence.

I understand why.


The purity of your spirit

is sensed from celestial beings

as well as by mortals on earth.

All desire to experience your warmth.


Gleaming eyes that shine like a star.

Your beauty transcends all othersí.

You are the model of love.

A flower fully blossomed.


You are sensitive and alert.

Your mind is quick to learn.

You are proud, but your heart is soft.


Tender lips waiting to be kissed.

Soft skin longing to be caressed.

Gentle eyes that search for someone.


My heart speaks to yours from afar.

Hear what I have to say.

Another glimpse of you in dreams

and my sadness becomes joy.


Yesterdayís tears are forgotten.

Tomorrow promises a new life.

I am worthy of your love.


You are worthy of mine.

The angels look forward to our uniting.

It is they who show you to me.


When I awake this dream will fade,

but not your image.

It is no mirage.

I will meet you soon.


It has been promised to me.

You are going to help me to love.

I will help you too.

Who are you some may ask.

You are my future love.






Sail with me on waters of love.

Take me to enchanted isles unseen and unexplored.

Glide with my spirit at night in dreams.


Dance with me under the starlit sky.

My Beloved, wilt thou give me thy heart?

I shall cherish it most preciously.

That I promise thee.


Time cannot keep you from me much longer.

My dreams of you are far too real

for you to fade with the coming of misty morn.


I behold thine image in the roses whose

petals I caress and hold next to my chest.

Ever smiling in silent rapture,

I beseech the wind to kiss your brow for me.


Soon I dream once more, my sweet one!

I step into the dream with thee.

You take me to the fountain of Love

where we drink enchantmentís sweet elixir.


I hear your sweet kind voice in the

rustling whisper of the leaves.

Thou art calling out to me.


Abandon not hope, my Beloved!

Very soon, thou shalt be nigh to love me and I thee!






My dear, sweet One, I am nigh!

When you take in each breath,

you are also taking in the kisses I blow your way.


And not one hundred, but one thousand to

sustain you in your moments of sadness until I

am there in person to touch your heart,

your soul, and your lips with mine.


When I think about you, Beloved, you are nigh!

I feel your gentle hands stroke my face as

your soothing voice softly speaks sweet

whisperings of love to me.


When you behold the radiant iridescent sunset,

peep beyond the colors and see my smile.

Destiny can only keep you from me a little longer.


Earth cannot contain the love I feel for you.

I am transported to Paradiseís enchanting

entrance each time I think of you.


My Beloved, receive my embrace which I extend

to you across the miles, and know

I shall always love you.






Beyond the senses all is pure light.

In celestial spheres there is no night.

Lush verdant meadows caress our feet.
This is the place where my Love and I meet.


Beyond the senses from human form we are free.

In dreams at night the heavenly worlds we see.

Hand in hand we glide across the sky.

Far past snowy clouds there are no goodbyes.


Beyond the senses resplendent beauty prevails.

Our souls take flight from their mortal shells.

Feel not alone, my Beloved, when we are apart.

Think of me and I shall draw nigh to your heart.


Beyond the senses our love is secure.

We bath in sparkling waters refreshing and pure.

I welcome your tender ethereal kiss.

Beyond the senses our life is bliss.






My sweet One, how I adore thee from afar.

Ever does my soul yearn to know where you are.

I love thee forever though great distance keeps apart.

You, my precious, treasure never once leave my heart.


My Beloved, for a time far too short did we love.

Then Destiny called me to the starry realms above.

Still, no matter where I am, you never leave my sight.

You visit me in dreams each and every night.


I reach out to you daily, offering you my hand.

How I would love to show you the beauties of this land.

Here dreams slumber not and hearts never weep.

We are guarded and protected by Loveís precious keep.


Your love fills my soul with the power to see anywhere.

Although I am gone, I am still somehow there.

You behold my form with your lovely eyes so bright.

I am filled with joy each time I behold your lovely sight.


It is your love and devotion that keep me happy and whole.

I am there beside you, darling, no matter where you go.

I cherish our memories more with each passing day.

Listen to the rustling leaves and hear the words I say.






My silent whispers

speak to your heart

from the serene, cool, white beach

where we visit in dreams.


No need for words

lest the depth of our love be concealed.

If you look deep into my eyes,

we shall transcend mortal spheres.


Our spirits entwine.

Far beyond this world we soar

until we become the dawn

that awakens sleepy life below.


I hear your silent whispers

in the quiet where we secretly meet.

Time is still in our secret chamber.

In the silence we embrace once more.






My special dream lady is so dear to my heart.

She is close to me though many miles keep us apart.

When two souls touch, there exists neither time nor space.

Fate would bring our hearts together in any place.


We talk a lot and share our hopes and dreams.

In humor and jest we also make quite a team.

I love her command of words, her lightning wit.

Her sweet verses she writes to me that I never forget.


Just to think on her makes me smile with delight.

She is in my heart and on my mind both day and night.

Though we have not met in person so much do we share.

My special dream lady takes away my sorrows and cares.


I look so forward to our times and moments alone.

She is helping me my passions, my art, and feelings to own.

The day she said she wished to hear all the words I have to say,

my heart filled with happiness; I became so alive and gay.


Others have offered me their hearts and love.

But it is my Dream Lady I see when I behold the stars above.

Few have understood me; their company I do not need.

But my Dream Ladyís love my soul will always feed.






My Precious Sweetheart of days gone by.

Countless yesterdays we have shared.

Timeless memories are ours to recall.
For each other long have we cared.


My Precious Sweetheart of present days

who understands my soul and heart.

We provide comfort when the other is sad,

although many miles keep us apart.


My Precious Sweetheart of tomorrow.

Comrades of spirit we shall always be.

Our comfort heals the otherís soul.

My Precious Sweetheart you shall always be






My darling, you are there but you are also here.

How I feel your embraces, your kisses, your touch.

You hold me so closely as we snuggle in bed.

You kiss my neck and whisper, ďI love you so much.Ē


In peaceful slumber we rest in tranquil repose.

Occasionally you caress my shoulders, my arms.

If I died now I would be in Seventh Heaven

as you enfold me with your affection and charms.


I hear your sweet soft breathing, my darling.

I reach out and take you by the hand.

Softly stroking your fingers I whisper sweet words.

Then our spirits soar upward to celestial lands.


We dance from star to star; the moon winks at us.

We watch the dawn give birth to the new day.

Our spirits return to our bodies; our faces glow.

The radiance of Love will always light our way.


Slightly curled, I feel all of you next to me.

You gently caress my toes with your feet.

When I wake up these memories will not fade.

And tonight once more in dreams we will meet.






Thinking of you warms my heart.

Somehow you are very near.

You kiss my brow and hold my hand

and comfort my every hurt and fear.


I never knew I could love a dream lady.

Love to me has never been very real.

But you are the dream come true.

Love stirrings I am starting to feel.


Last night you spoke sweet words to me.

You said you wanted to make love to me all day.

But there were too many things you had to do.

Life sometimes does get in the way.


Although you are gone and I am alone,

my head has been spinning like a yo-yo.

I am floating like a cloud, dancing about.

I can feel you somehow in my soul.


You are touching me, caressing my being.

Though I canít see you; still you are real.

You fill me with ecstasy and yearning.

Your image in my mind makes time stand still.


I never knew I could love a dream lady.

Love to me has never been very real.

But you are the dream come true.

Love stirrings I am starting to feel.






My new sweet companion and friend.
How I adore your childlike, charming smile.

Thank you for taking the time last night

to visit me for awhile.


I like that you gaze at me intently

with your enigmatic, mischievous grin.

Perhaps you will take me into your heart.

Tell me who you are, where you have been.


Reach out to me from afar!

Step outside Time and Space.

When we visited in dreams last night,

I trembled when I beheld your face.


Though we had to say goodbye

in the wee hours of the morn.

I know somehow you did not leave me.
I sense a new love about to be born.


When I awoke this morning,

you were the first thing on my mind.

I blew you a kiss from afar.

My gentle lady so sweet and kind.


Though the miles separate us.
Still our love can blossom and grow.

Your company soothes and brings me joy.

This I want you to know!






Although we have not met in person,

I recognize the woman behind the screen.

She is starting to take on more reality

than other women Iíve known and seen.


Kind hearted, gentle lady.

Fun to talk to, so cute and sweet.

Her spontaneous contacts are fast becoming

a delectable anticipated treat.


Her playful, youthful spirit has vitalized

me so much the past few days.

I am becoming more eager and excited to

share her thoughts, beliefs and ways.


True love is hard to find.

The real Romantics fading like a dying race.

Most people make little time for such things

as they speed through life at their frantic pace.


The Dreamers always look upward.

In the darkest night they search out a shining star.

Unable to resign themselves to loneliness and mediocrity,

their hopes and aspirations soar near and far.


I have been called sentimental and too sensitive.

An idealistic Dreamer with his head in the clouds.

One who listens to the Muse who speaks in his heart

instead of shallow messages by voices empty and loud.


My new friend, the woman behind the screen

is giving me more satisfaction than dates in the past.

I print our talks and cherish them dearly

and hope that our newborn friendship will last.


My cute, playful, sweet Companion

has already enriched my life and soul.

This poem is my gift to the sweet lady

who makes my heart quiver and feel aglow.