It is time!

Time to roam the fields of exuberant life.

Time to bask in beauty and pleasure,

and know they are good.


My time!

My dance!

Time to feel good.


Time to play, explore and revel in sacred sexuality.

I am the lover of life.
A son of Aphrodite.


Time to delight in the joys

of the lovely body of my man.

Time to take in sensuality’s boundless thrills.


It is time for Love’s Delights!

To deliciously stir love juices with passion’s firm grip.

To love and excite self.

To shake the fruits of aching loins with tenderness.

To joyously wait for the plucking of Love’s sweet ripeness.


To swim in joy’s swelling rivers of life and love,

and not be afraid to participate.

To surrender and trust.


To bathe in Life’s streams and quiver in delirious rapture.
To be carried away with your beloved on the tails of gusty winds.
To taste the breath of the gods, surrender to them and let

them lift you higher and higher.

Lighter and lighter on floating clouds.


It is time to lie naked with the one you care about.



Weightless ecstasy!


Rapid breathing!

Hot kisses stirring the sizzling fires of love.

Ascending higher and higher until you pass mortal

spheres to the Celestial Isles where the gods await you.


The Muses sing lovely airs nearby, their

hair shimmering in the breeze.

They smile down upon your love.

Their whisperings speak of promises yet to be fulfilled.


Open your heart to them.

There is no room for deprivation or mediocrity in their realm.

Rest at their hearth.


There, passions run free, dance free, love free.

Hear them in your dreams.

Wait and sigh in joyous anticipation.


It is time!

Tasty freedom.

Reach for the key to Love’s door.


With determination lift yourself beyond yourself.

See more than you are.

Don’t let Life dangle her joys in front of you.
Reach out and grab her succulent fruits, and

be transformed by what you taste.


It is time,

to eat, know, and feel as you never have before!






I crave your love, I ache for you!

Long and deep into the lonely night.

I want your arms around me.

Let us taste Love’s pure delights.


Undiluted passion is what I crave.

No holding back, I need your all.

Why would you give me anything less?

Please respond to my love call.


You are able to fully satisfy me.

I can give you the love and pleasure you seek.

Look deep into my eyes, ask for what you need.

Allow your passions and hunger to speak.


No reason to hold back, we merit joy.

Let us release inhibitions far and near.

When we say yes to the yearnings deep inside us,

Ecstasy and Happiness will devour our fears.






Sweet One!

I needed you.

You hungered for me.

Hunger and need merged.


Your body trembled as I touched you.

No need for words.

Sensuality speaks its own delectable language.


What a delight to be aroused by your soft touch;

your magical touch, which filled me with ecstasy’s sweetness.


Love communicates in her own special way.

What a delight to satisfy your Beloved.

To proceed to the chambers of pleasures to be renewed by love.

To satiate her amorous whims.

To ignite and feed her blazing love fires.


Sweet One!

What a delight that a part of you has become a part of me.

I have but to think of you and your image appears, filling

me with warm corporeal tingles and anticipation for

the thrills awaiting us at our next rendezvous.


Heart to heart.

Hand to hand.
Mind to mind.

Soul to soul.


Beyond time.

Beyond space.

Sweet One, you are always nigh!






It is late.
You call.

The night stirs.

My favorite time.

Magic and mystery.

Keeper of secrets and dreams.

Bestower of secret rendezvous.



The time hidden desires awaken.

Inhibition weaken.

Primal wanderings.

Soon I arrive at your love nest.


You exude primal sensual eroticism.

Lusty carnal bodily achings.

Heightened arousal.

Your dreamy deep eyes excite me.

I shake and quiver inside.


I am warmed by your smile and kind face.

We chat a few moments.

You are very familiar to me.

Was it in dreams where we made love?

On another dimension beyond time and space?


I cannot say but I am glad and comforted to be near you.

Our eyes look long into each other’s.

No need for words.

This silent communication so thrilling and exciting.


Moments later we embrace.

I desire to take you deeper within yourself.

Lead you to Venus’s love garden.

There we shall both taste her succulent

fruits and nectar then venture to her treasure

chambers where the precious gems of her love

pleasures shimmer and glow.


Alchemical Perfection!

Magical order of love delights!

We shall not rush our lovemaking.

I desire to satiate you with hearty love satisfaction.


To inebriate and fill you with delicious memories

to feed you sweetness long after we depart.


Hot love flesh!

Writhing playfully on your bed.

Soft, gentle, unhurried caresses and touches.

Savor each touch, stroke and electrical current

that passes from me to you, and from you to me.


Receive my affection I so freely give to you.

Child of the gods!

Beautiful body so wonderfully formed.

Chiseled love flesh from Divinity’s touch.

We are only here a short time on these terrestrial shores.

Sweet playmate.

Let’s make every moment count and last.


You are Divinity’s blessing from Aphrodite to me.

I bow and kneel to the grand love mother in gratitude.

Pure ethereal gleaming eyes that radiate light,

tickling my cells and skin.

Each moment of your gaze drives me mad with love frenzy.


Tremulous limbs.

Heated loins undulating in many dance.

Firm arms and knees planted as the rest of you

sways and swerves to the soft sound of Hermes’

shepherd pipes that only awakened lovers can hear.


You look about.

I see the wild look of desire in your eyes.

Your desire to lose yourself in total wild, passionate abandon. 


Beautiful lady!

Offspring of the gods!

I am caught by a twinkle in your eyes, a girlish grin

then a look of vulnerability that asks me if it is okay

to take pleasure together.


I smile and wink at you.

Your face relaxes.

I come closer.


Joy of life!

Hard and soft.

Masculine and feminine.

Softness touching softness.


Love sighs.

Love moans.

We lose ourselves to Ecstasy’s touch.


No need for words.

Nervous excitement and sweet satiety fill the air.

A time later, I kiss your cheek and caress your fingers.


We hug and bid each other goodnight.

On the way to my car, I look back.

Bedroom chamber light still on.

Are you reflecting? I wonder.

Has sleep already lured you to her breast?


Are the Muses singing you to sleep?

Are you walking in the Elysian Fields,

thinking of me, whispering kind words to me?

And one last thing I wonder.

Sweet lady, will I ever see you again?






Come to my circle of love, sweet one, please come!

Perk your ears and you will hear my love call.

Higher and higher lift your arms in erotic dance.

You cannot ascend to Love’s fires until you fall.


Fall into the arms of pleasure, let your body go.

Dance in joyous frenzied motions by Love’s bright fire.

Surrender to the achings of your hungry body and soul.

Let Ecstasy and Pleasure fulfill your every desire.


Flickering flames of love burn through you.

Let the full moonlight excite you to passion’s dance.

Surrender to your sensuality, let it take you where it will.

Be it lusty chambers or to the sweet halls of romance.


Let the long shimmering hair of Love caress you.

Let your skin and nerves open to her erotic delights.

She can excite and give you delicious joy and pleasure

in the light of the day or in the arms of the night.


If you will but surrender to your sensual desires.

Let passion carry you to the realm of Ecstasy and Bliss.

Hold back no more, be transformed by Love.

Lift your arms high and receive her sensual, magical kiss.






Gods and Goddesses of Love and Pleasure, Embrace me!

Take me far beyond my fears and mortal boundaries.

I want to travel with you, see wonder

and splendor from your perspective.

I want this perspective to become mine.


A worthy goal!

Either you gave life to mortals or we created you.

Either way, there is room inside us for more life,

for more love, for more passion and pleasure.


Time to expand and stretch.

I know this.
I fear this.

I’m so afraid to let go.

To let my body take me to frontiers of all it knows and beyond.

Far beyond to your world of divine pleasure and

knowing and loving and wisdom.

Only then can I truly know myself and others.
I must know myself and others, or

life is futile, empty, lonely, and useless.


My heart tells me life is not futile so I prod on.

Push myself past my limits and fear.
Go that extra mile, although I am terrorized by what I will see;

by what I will learn, by what I will do.


Thinking and reflecting are not enough.

I must take in, touch and feel life.

Measure what I touch with what I know.

This is how I grow.
And I must grow.

I want and need to grow.


Gods and Goddesses of Pleasure and Love,

I surrender to you one and all.

You are more than creations of mortal wishful and hopeful thinking.

You are alive in the worlds above and below, within and without.

I dream of you so you must be real.

Dreams are a sacred part of life.

I give them audience.


I need my dreams.

Gods and Goddesses, I need you!

You are where I aspire to be.

A place of no limits and boundaries.



This is my destiny.

Please lead me there.


Take me to the place where all explore life in its fullness.

Where we merge not once but many times.

Consistency heightens pleasure.
I will be consistent with you.

No plunging in, exploring the unknown for a short time

then running back to what I know.


It is time to learn from the Unknown.

You can lead me.

I am ready to go. 

I am choked and stifled by my mortality.



I am so much more than what I see in the mirror.
Show me more!


Heighten my senses.

Every last one of them.

I know there is more.

The vastness of the Great Beyond calls me.

It wishes to love me, and fill me with pleasures and

sensations inconceivable to most mortals.


I open myself to receive because I am more than mortal.
We all are.

No more holding back.


Gods and Goddesses, descend!

I call you.

Hear my plea.

My cry for more than I know.

My willingness to step beyond my mortality

and my need to control.


I close my eyes.

I see lights, many lights.

You are coming and I await you with open arms.






I shall attempt to express in poetic rhyme

this love I feel for you so joyous and sublime.

Clothed in starry brightness, in dreams you appear to me.

You share your celestial visions which your eyes do see.


Hand in hand we shall walk beneath the silvery moon

under dancing, glowing stars on a summer night in June.

How I yearn for the day the angels show me your face.

The day you step out of my dreams with finesse and grace.


I see your radiant eyes looking deep into my soul.

You gently take my hand; my tears begin to flow.

In a gentle sweet tone, your tender lips say to me,”

“Our separation is nigh over, soon am I beside thee.


“My Beloved, I shall soon step out of your dream.

Then shall we take a lovely walk near a pristine stream.

Once more shall songs and poems pour forth from your soul.

The balm of love shall heal us and make our hearts whole.


The time for our meeting is drawing nigh.

Our precious love for each other shall never die.

When you open your eyes, know that I shall soon be there.

Hand to hand, heart to heart, so much for us to share.


In ecstasy’s sweet embrace you and I soon shall rest.

Secure in our own world; our special love nest.

Peacefully will we slumber in each others arms.

Our love shall shield us from danger and harm.


I open my eyes and you fade from my nocturnal sight.

My sweet lady, my goddess, so vibrant and full of light.

You shall soon come to me and inspire my art.

How I await you, my Beloved, with open arms and heart.






Walking this morning with you on my mind,

I embrace my pillow thinking it is you.

Opening my eyes I hear your sweet voice

singing magical, enchanting airs to me.


How I look forward to meeting you;

to bask in the warmth of your touch.

The caress of your smile and eyes

ignites the flames of love in my soul.


When our hands join the magic stirs.

Our spirits and hearts merge as one.

We soar higher and higher beyond the clouds,

ascending towards the brightest star.


Love bathes us in her luminescence.

Filling our souls with radiant light.

Tonight we will transcend time and space,

and journey to Paradise’s Golden Isles.