It happened so fast.

You made your way into my heart

before I knew what had happened.


I had promised myself never again.

You promised yourself always again.

Never and always transformed into now.


My pain and fears were absorbed

by your love serenades which you changed

each time we met, but always to sentiments

I knew and cherished, although I could

never figure out how you knew them.


Disappointment in love you have also known.

But you considered it a gift which leads

us to the realm of magic.

The doorway to love is sorrow you said one day.


So I beheld sorrow in your eyes.

Anotherís sorrow can melt our own, you said

if Love is nearby.


I touch your cheek and whisper,

ďI am weary of yearning and searching for Love.
Sorrow, lead me to Love!


You wipe tears from our cheeks and

then kiss my forehead.

I sigh!

My search is over.

I meet your eyes and look into the face of Love!






My Love!

Press me close to your heart that I may feel

the vital rhythm of its beating and be renewed.


My Love!

Enfold me with your tenderness.

Penetrating eyes that see deep into my soul

far past my sorrow and fears to the part of me

where my dreams and yearning for love dwell.


My Love!

I am soothed by your sweetness when I

look into your eyes.

Those here and yet so far away eyes.


My Love!

Your quietness speaks to me.

In stillness we sail

delightful seas of enchantment.


My Love!

You are nigh even when far from me.

I have only but to think of you and you appear.


My Love!

I behold Eternity in your eyes

and I know you shall always love me.






My special, sweet One, my Friend, my Treasure.

I loved you before the birth of the first glowing star.

We held hands and strolled the Isles of the Immortals.

Part of the same soul flame, You and I are.

Our hearts joined as one, our minds both similar.

The cord that connects our spirit it golden and pure.

Time nor Space can ever touch or separate us.

When Eternity gives her blessing, Love endures.


In spite of lifetimes where we traveled different lands.

We took refuge in our nocturnal sanctuary of bliss.

In dreams at night you held me closely.

And bathed me in Ecstasy with your every kiss.


I hope we meet in person some day soon.

But if not I shall cherish the sound of your voice.

I take much comfort in your company and caring.

Thinking of you makes my entire being rejoice.






Smile for me.

Today we begin anew.

Let us welcome Life.


Smile for me.

We greet the moon

when she peeps from behind clouds.


Smile for me.

I am yours

and you are mine.


Smile for me.

Receive my embrace.

Hold me in your arms.


Smile for me.

I give you endless kisses

from night until dawn.


Smile for me.

I need your touch.
Surround me with your love.


Smile for me.

Receive me as I am.

Open your heart to me.


Smile for me.

Let us enjoy the

treasures of love.






Dream made real.


Venus brought

you to me.


In your arms

utter bliss.

Sheer delight

when we kiss.


Starry eyes.

Crystal clear.

Gentle touch

calms my fears.


Cupidís dart

sails above.

Soon to awaken

my heart to love.


Sadness sleeps.

Joy awakes.

Darkness departs.

Morning breaks.


Eros speaks

to my heart.

Through your smile

and through art.


Your sweet words

caress my soul.

Your embrace

makes me whole.


There is light

where you are.

Brighter than

all the stars.


Close to you

such a thrill.

Merged as one. 

Time stands still.






Timeless tomorrows are ours forever.

My Precious one whose love fills me with bliss.

Surging memories from the first moment

when our lips tasted Ecstasyís first kiss.


You are a dream made real to me one day;

manifesting the quintessence of beauty and love.

An Immortal who descended to this world for me,

leaving your celestial paradise on realms above.


The fragrance of your form surpasses all flowers.

The depth of your soul is seen through your eyes.

Your comforting presence calms troubled souls

and the frightened small child who cries.


You are the treasure of my heart whose essence

permeates the stars, the sky, and the sea.

Come to me, my dear, embrace me once more.

With you I am as happy as can be.






Ecstatic is each moment that you are near.

Electrifying currents pass from you to me.

Your strength and love envelop my soul

when you reach out to me so tenderly.


I lose myself deep in your eyes.

Our spirits rise and race with the wind.

We sail the seas to the ends of the earth.

Then merged as one to the stars we ascend.


Transcending time and space we view the past.

We behold the tomorrows which will come to be.

Then back to the earth we descend again.

To slip back once more into our mortality.


We spoke in our dreams before we met.

We embraced in the realms of light.

The knight you loved in days gone by

 has returned to you in his full might.


He will excite you with his love and depth.

His presence will offer you something you miss.

He understands your heart and mind.

He will rejuvenate you with each and every kiss.


Rest assured, dear maiden, be lonely no more.

Receive your knight who extends his hand.

Let us rejoice and grow daily in our love

and we will be among the happiest in the land.






Now is the time for love!




Lying on the ground beneath the sunís radiant warmth.


Hand in hand.

Passions mounting.


Let the magic of the moment fill you with

something more than you know.



Joyous anticipation.

Murmurs of love.

Songs of the heart.

Whispers of the soul.


Lying still, hand in hand beside your Beloved.

Resist the temptation to speak.

Let the silence make its way into your being

and fill you through and through.


Hear the beating of your heart.

The heart of the ocean.

The heart of life.


Feel it now.

The love pouring through.





Now is the time for love!

The whispers of love dance on the breeze.

Save them joyously.



Now is the time for love!

Let go.

Move with life.

Welcome pleasure when it calls.




Explode into ecstasy.


Now is the time for love!

Lose yourself in your Belovedís touch.

Donít try to figure love out.
She is a mystery you can never fathom.


Throw your expectations in the fire.

Let Love warm you.
Now and forever.






My heart palpitates as I await my Loveís arrival.

Such sweet anticipation is ecstasy and bliss.

I can hardly wait to be with you, my darling.

To taste and savor your each and every kiss.


We loved each other before the stars appeared.

We will be in love when the sun sets no more.

When the moon ceases to light up the night sky,

we will be dancing upon the celestial shores.


You communicate Loveís mysterious secrets to me

When you speak with your heart instead of words.

When I think of you I hear melodies and songs

that by mortal ears are seldom heard.


You abide in my thoughts by day

and at night during sleepy repose.

The gods have blessed our union.

Each day our love deepens and grows.






My special out of town sweetheart.

I canít get you out of my mind.
You have made your way into my heart.
My Love, you are one of a kind!


I wanted to get my running in early this morning.

But when I checked my email you said hi.

Then my head began to spin round and round.

And I just could not tell you goodbye.


Life has a way of shaking us up.

Just when we think we got things under control.

We tell ourselves weíre too busy for love.

Too much to do, too many places to go.


We keep moving, trying to ignore our heartís urgings.

Isnít numbness better than risking hurt or pain?

Who wants to open up then get pushed aside?

Isnít it better to walk in the sunshine instead of the rain?


I was kind of on the move the day we met.

Not really heading anywhere, just wandering about.

But Destiny did a number on me; the next thing I knew

you were standing before me; your arms reaching out.


How you got past my barriers, I still do not know.

I wonder at times if any of this is true.

In spite of my fears and all the loneliness,

I have the feeling things will be different with you.


My special out of town Sweetheart.

I canít get you out of my mind.

You have made your way into my heart.

My Love, you are one of a kind!






Burn me with tenderness, my Beloved.

Consume the emptiness that fills my soul.

Enfold me in your entire being.

Let us merge as one and become whole.


May your ardent kisses be my reward

for loving you both day and night.

Hand in hand we glide to magical places.

Ascending to the stars to enjoy celestial delights.


The swirling love sparks created between us

ignite the flames of passion which burn

within every cell and molecule of our being.

For each other how we ache and yearn.


Burn me with tenderness, my Beloved.

Seal our love with a magical kiss.

Under the weeping willow tree embrace me.

Every moment with you is pure ecstasy and bliss.


written 12/24/2001





The spirit which animates my love for you, my Darling.

so lightly and playfully it glides through the air.

The moon, and the stars shine down upon us brightly

absorbing our every worry, fear, and care.


Each day my love for you grows.

As to me the depths of your soul you do reveal.

When two souls are willing to take a risk,

the sorrows of the heart begin to heal.


Although vulnerable I must open myself to you.

Reveal my joys, and hurts I have known in my time.

In your company my entire being stretches.

When our souls merge, how precious and sublime.


Your purity and sweetness delight the angels.
Two hearts beating as one our love overflows.

Destiny holds a special someone for each of us

who we meet when we open our heart and soul.






Millions of poems in the stars of my glittering soul

Await birth when I stargaze and dream.

I seek the words to express my love for you.

While resting near a cool bubbling stream.


Time stops when you look into my eyes.

I am not aware of the future, the present or past.

Locked onto your gaze our souls fuse into oneness.

Our love surpasses Eternityís first moment and last.


In Dreams we embark upon magical journeys.

Our souls from these mortal bodies take flight.

Hand in hand we soar and glide far past the stars.

To the Isles of Ecstasy, Joy and Delight.


Sorrow nor Pain these Isles may not enter.

This precious sanctuary is our love nest of bliss.

After the cares of the day I await thee, my Love.

In your embrace I will lose myself in your kiss.






Breezes always stir up my love for you.

The day we met your long, curly, brown hair

blew playfully and freely in the wind.

I stood mesmerized as you walked along campus.


You looked like a goddess just descended from mount Olympus.

The lilt and grace of your steps made me want to dance with you.

When you looked in my direction, surges of excitement

filled my innermost depths.


I knew I had to know your mind and heart.

You later told me you felt that same inebriation

the first time you saw me.


We took it slow.
Itís better that way.

Our minds touched first.

We mentally soared and explored the fields of thought and imagination.


Bodies shaking and trembling in nervous exciting anticipation.

The mere nearness of my hand next to yours set me to trembling.

As we reveled in conversation, music, and poetry,

our need for each other intensified and mounted.


A time later we both welcomed the sensuous delights

for which our mental sharing had prepared us.

With you my every sense was heightened and electrified.


The week before our night of love I was flooded with magical

enchanting dreams of touching, stroking, caressing, and kissing

your soft beautiful body everywhere.


What bliss when the gods reward us with Loveís sweet corporeal delights!

We took a long ride, had a delicious picnic under a weeping willow tree.

We lay on the grass and lost ourselves in ethereal slumber beneath

the beautiful summer sky, fluffy clouds dancing about.


Then your warm fingers trailed and explored my body.

I was filled with sensations I did not know existed.

Your touch intensified my passions until I was bursting

inside like waves beating against the shore.


That evening we had an elegant meal at a Greek restaurant.

We held hands as you drove home and serenaded me with love songs.


At your apartment we drank wine and listened to our favorite

classical art songs, snuggled on your plush sofa.

When the music stopped, I still heard the music of the spheres in my head.


Fingers met first.

Then you gently placed my hand to my side and your fingers awakened

and aroused me to passionís fullest pleasures.
How you warmed me inside and outside with the wondrous, loving

caresses of your fingers, your lips, your tongue.

I wanted it to last forever.
You made it last for what seemed forever.


I had never known such exquisite sensuality.

Your eyelashes flickered over my body, tingling and exciting me.

Then you massaged me with the light touch of your fingers.

Flooding, electrifying sensations which saturated me until

soon Love and I had become one.


My heart pounded.

My head tossed.

My fingers clenched.

Still you continued.

My heart throbbed with each caress and touch.


Still I welcomed more.

Needed more.

Hungered for more.

Cried for more.
Laughed for more.
Begged for more.


And you gave and gave until I nearly died of your sweetness.

How I savored our every moment together;

your every word, glimpse, and smile.


Your beautiful long brown hair made love to me,

stroking my skin so lightly, so gently, tickling me

deliciously in small circular swirls from head to toe.


I refrained from screaming to the top of my lungs in

Ecstatic outburst because I had to savor every

moment, every touch and sensation.


We took a blanket outside and took a walk.

Hand in hand we beheld the starlit sky.

I  recited you a German poem, but was so nervous

I forgot the second part.

You smiled and completed the poem, stroking my

hand tenderly, saying ďMondnachtĒ

(Moon night ) was your favorite poem.


The full moon indeed blessed our night with

her pristine whiteness..

Ineffable perfection.


We found a nice spot beneath an old oak tree.

You kissed my forehead then my cheeks.

Lastly our lips met, long at last, sensuous and full,

and hungry for each other.

our eyelashes kissed.

Our cheeks.

Body touching body as minds already had.


Love danced around us.

Through us.

Inside us.

Thrilling and chilling us, nearly killing us.

Roses permeated the air.

You said you smelled them too.

No doubt a gift from Aphrodite or Cupid or Eros.

It seemed they were smiling on our special night of love.


You squealed in delirious delight, and lifted me off the ground,

kissing my neck, saying, ďI could just eat you up.Ē

We cried and laughed as our bodies undulated in joyous sensual dance.

Waves of ecstasy poured through us.


We tasted each otherís love scents and were joyously filled.
satisfaction was never so delectable!


There were other days and nights of love,

but our time together lasted but a few weeks.
You had to return to Germany.

But I have only to recall our special night of love and you are with me.

In my mind.

In my heart.


Soon my body responds.

Waves of fire burst through my being,

igniting passion and need.
I lie on my bed and feel your warmth,

your long hair tickling me.

Your caresses torture and excite me with so much love and pleasure.


I am alive now and I am filled with life, with love.

With memories so real palpable I can feel

you even though you are very far away.