As I look into your Neptunian dreamy eyes,

I see you riding the vast ocean of life on stormy waves.

Amidst the chaos you seek to find yourself

and fulfillment for all that you yearn for and crave.


There is so much of you I cannot see,

because I am uneasy when  I look into your eyes.

Yet somehow I know your gaze mirrors my own

and tells me that you and I have special ties.


I adore watching you laugh, sing, and jest.

I am rapt when you interpret Shakespeare.

Dreamy, playful, profound and tortured soul!

It is for a special purpose the Muses put you here.


You are a kind person, a soother of human hearts.

Will you hold my hand, help me go deeper within?

I wish to discover the value of my suffering and yearnings.

Your company makes me feel it is in me to love again.


We are kindred spirits, you and I.

I believe that one day from sorrow we will be free
to express all the passions inside us.

To repose joyously in the arms of Eternity.


Few people make the journey inside the self.
They avoid the secret chambers of their heart.

But we solitary, lonely Poets seek Truth above all

through our relationships and through our art.


You remind me of my hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

You are strong, musical, funny, also vulnerable and sad.

Is it possible I might help you know yourself better?

I want to see your faith in Love restored, your heart glad.


Perhaps you can help me come out of my shell.

Help the wounds of my broken heart to heal.

When in your company, I am filled with hope

that I can be embraced by Love which is real.


You are an old soul, sweet one, so wise, so sad.

I think you are a child of the gods, truly sublime.

Your spirit hears the songs of Love on the wind.

Your heart beats to rhythms beyond space and time.


You remind me that the gods still live.

That we can be like them; their essence we can know.

Cupid can awaken and arouse our fiery passions

if we allow him to pierce our hearts so we may grow.


How I cherish your company and the unspoken gifts

you offer which help me to embrace my art.

In ways I need not explain unless you ask me,

you are helping me to open up my heart.


I want to touch your mind and soul, arouse your hopes.

Be there for you as you sail on life’s stormy seas.

For although I have only known you for a short while,

you have come to mean so very much to me.


I wish to hear all that you have to say.

Then tell you how you ignite the yearnings of my soul.

I bask in your depth behind your words and smiles,

Then realize that broken hearts can be made whole.


Who am I to you?  Who are you to me?

I will not resort to words to define what can be.

I will simply thank you for being who you are.

You make me feel so good to be me.


Yes, I am intrigued by you, sweet one!

Your mind attracts me as does your heart and soul.

It is friendship that escorts the Dreamers to Cupid.

I offer you my friendship and comfort wherever you go.


You are one of a kind, a dear Poet and Dreamer.

We are kindred spirits; let us share our sorrow and bliss.

My sweet friend, you visit me nightly in dreams.

On your brow each night I give you a sweet, magical kiss.


Thank you for allowing me to toss my facade aside.

In poetry we reveal what the soul knows to be true.

Let’s celebrate life and all that is meaningful.

This poem is my gift to a very special person like you.






I know a person I have never

met in a place I have never been.
In my mind, I see you.
I want to dream you-but no, I want more!


Take me to that place

where Dreams can never die.

Where our hearts can be open.

And our souls touch the sky.


Take me to that place

Where I will touch your heart.

Time will never reach us

From the ending to the start.


Take me to that place.
I hurt when you’re away.

I want to ache forever

in the mystery of your gaze.


I want to hold your secrets.

Please take me to that place.

Don’t answer me this question.
Do you wear my face?






Basking in your company is most delightful.

Your refreshing sweetness is ambrosia to my soul.

Your kindness and tenderness they warm my heart.

I sense a deep friendship soon to blossom and grow.


Gentle charmer, and sweet poet you are!

Your words are enchanting, kind, and wise.

I feel the hunger and passion that burns inside you

when I look into your soul past your eyes.


Could we have loved in another time and place?
Why is that you are somehow so familiar to me?

Although we have not yet met in person,

There is much of you that you have let me see.


The miles can never separate soul mates.

There is more to love than the physical touch.

How I look so forward to knowing you more daily

For to me you have come to mean so much.






From the moment we met I knew you.

I saw a hidden longing in your face.

Through your eyes I recognized your soul.

How precious that Destiny brought you to me.


Our souls danced merrily upon meeting.

Time apart was forgotten.

So much to share with the other who cares.


I look into your eyes and feel the love

my heart cannot express in words.

The solitude comforts.

Our souls communicate there.


Your eyes reveal so much to me.

They release me from time and space.
They tell me that our love

is real and this world is not.


You say that you love me.

Yet you hold back.

My Love, I embraced your spirit

long before I touched your body.


Listen to me.

My thoughts whisper a message to you.

Let us unite!


Look at me.

Hear my gentle murmurs.

I love you!






Let me tell you how much joy you bring to me.

Your warmth melts my frozen tears.

In silence our souls take flight.


Listen and you will hear my song of love.

Will it echo the yearning of your heart?

You are the dawn that awakens me to morn.


Our love was ripe before the birth of time.

Our moments together are precious and sweet.

We will still love when the sun sets no more.


You loved me before our appearance on earth.

Long before the moon first lit up the night sky.

Embrace me at night when we dream.


Sadness cannot engulf me when you are near.

My Love, who so gently to me speaks.

Tomorrow and Forever both assure our love.


Images of yesterday may fade tomorrow.

Unspoken dreams may vanish like the mist,

but never our love, my special one.


Let not outer appearances conceal who we are.

Look into my eyes and know that I am yours.

Let my sweet comfort soothe your cares.






You are somehow both young and old in spirit.

Do the secrets of love I seek dwell in your heart?

Who do you see when you gaze into my eyes?

Do any of us really know who we are?


Will our lives have more meaning if we unite?

Is it possible the secrets of love to know?

Will it be painful, confusing, joyous, or blissful

if we choose to open up our heart and soul?


You came into my world so suddenly.

Have we loved before in a distant past?

You are so familiar in a strange way.

If we join hearts will love between us last?


Why do I want to love you so intensely?

Why do I yearn to have you by my side?

Would it mean anything if I gave you my heart?

Would you withdraw or walk with me side by side?


I could try to pretend that you do not exist.

Close my eyes and not see you as you are.

You also have the choice to walk away.

If we run will we make it very far?


I admit I am both frightened and fascinated by you.

You said that you are afraid and attracted to me.

If I let down my guard, perhaps you will too.

Maybe together we can find Love’s key.


There are many adventures awaiting us.

So much to learn, experience, and explore.

I will take your hand if you will take mine.

Together we can walk through Love’s door?






Please take these tears from me.

I wish to cry no more.

Pierce not my heart with unkind words.

The pain was too much before.


Love me please for who I am.

Not for who you perceive me to be.

Please look forward, do not turn back.

It is Destiny that brought you back to me.


Gaze into my eyes and you will see

that in my soul there burns a flame.

You are attracted to me, and I to you

because the longing of our hearts is the same.


Although our love was not expressed in the past,

we are given another chance not to fail.

When we learn to forgive and start over,

the mysteries of Love will unveil.







Last night My beloved visited me.

In a beautiful form she appeared.

I knew from the moment I saw her

My life would never be again the same.


She stayed by my side for hours.

Forgotten were my cares.

Dispelled were fear and pain.

Shed were tears of joy.


Her kind sweet words caressed my heart.

Her smile embraced my soul.

I was enraptured by her charm and beauty.

Could perfection be her name?


Her song was sweeter than a lark’s.

Her scent incomparable to perfume.

Her beauty surpassed the newly blossomed rose

when kissed by the morning dew.


She was like the sunset that imbued my world

with delicate beautiful pastel designs.

Her radiant presence warmed my heart.

We visited magical, celestial lands.


Her eyes sparkled more than a glittering diamond.

Her hair was more shiny than gold.

When she spoke my name I transcended this world.
I shall never be alone again.






Sharer of my dreams!

When I look into your eyes, sweet, soft, and kind,

I see the my highest hopes and aspirations.

I catch a glimpse of the best inside me

waiting to emerge.


I will emerge and come into my fullness and

wholeness with your sweetness, and your love.

Your tender warm hands holding mine!

Your comforting arms around me supporting me

in all I do; acknowledging who I am, what I am.


Loving me for me and asking me to be me and only me.

That is the greatest gift one person can bestow to another.


You accept my need for solitude and time to be with me

for self reflection, introspection, and calm gentle repose.

You honor that space in yourself, and I love you for it.


Beating hearts must first beat to one before they

can beat to the rhythm of two.


My years alone before you prepared me for you.

My special healing years where I found myself.

Met spirit.

The spirit of service.

The spirit of self love.

The spirit of my soul.


On nature’s sacred grounds have I walked in tranquil awe.

Taking in knowledge, mystery, wonder, healing, and love.

For this I am grateful.

To God, to spirit, life, and to you.


Life blessed my solitary time.

Now Life has brought me you.

I give you love, my heart, and my all, because I know

that you will guard and cherish them preciously;

Hold all that is dear to me dear to your heart as I hold

all that is you close to mine.


Hand in hand.

Heart to heart.

My Beloved, this day is sacred, special and holy.

I give myself to you.


Love joins us.

Life is glad.

Family is glad.
I am glad.


Time to rejoice, my Beloved.
We are One!






This morning I felt you by my side.

Your arms enfolded me so warm and tight.

Your deep dark eyes gazed at me intently

as we made love for most of the night.


A love like ours is exalted.

Blessed by celestial beings beyond the earth.

The angels guided you to me by a shining star

so our hearts would undergo a sacred rebirth.


We have both known there was someone out there

to awaken us to the magic and mysteries of love.

Your special knight has dreams of his maiden.

Filled with wonder he beholds the stars above.


We will never be apart for our love enables

us to transcend all distance of time and space.

To me you are very near even though you are far.

By day and night I see your kind, sweet face.


I give humble gratitude that you have come to me.
My special gentle maiden, my Joy, my Delight.

No matter where you go I am always by your side.

I am the candle that for you shines day and night.






I feared that love had become a meaningless word.

That is until you came along.

Now my faith in love has been renewed.

I realize how cynical I had become, how wrong.


So understanding you are, so considerate.

To me you speak words so sweet and kind.

You compliment me, and encourage my art.

You tell me you are attracted to my mind.


You are passionate, so warm and tender.
You show me that my pleasure is important to you.

Sometimes I just need to talk or act silly and playful.

Other times melancholy seizes me out of the blue.


No matter what my mood you are there for me.

You have wiped my tears many a night.

When painful childhood memories haunt me,

you comfort me until my darkness turns to light.


I am blessed that you are in my life.

You are a child of the gods; a gift from above.

You are helping me blossom into a flower

by your kindness, your strength and your love.






Tall and regal is the mistress of the court.

Ebony is her hair.

Brown is her skin.

Gentle countenance.

Soft hands.


Sparkling eyes that radiate love.

One glance at her and another

verse of poetry he writes.

His soul is cleansed.


Such beauty to behold.

His heart sings in gratitude.

The morning sun happily awakes

from his nightly sleep.


With gladness he greets the

Persian Princess in the

garden where she strolls.


Refulgent rays warm her face.

The gods permit the breeze to

lightly kiss her cheek.


Roses bloom when

she blows them a kiss.

Each petal is gently caressed.


Lilies unfold to her touch.

In her presence all life is blessed.


The birds desire to learn the

song that she hums when

she greets them each day.


He once heard her tell a boy,

“Accept the gift of beauty.

Let it exalt your senses

that you may feel, touch,

and taste life to the fullest.


“Be kind to all creatures.

Your presence emits the

true sentiments of your heart.

The animals feel your emotions.”


He once saw her encounter

a bear in the woods where

she gathered her herbs.

When he sensed her presence,

he slowly approached her.


She kissed her finger

and with it kissed the bear’s nose.

He looked intently at the fearless one

who knew she could not be hurt.

Because of this he had no desire to hurt.


The glistening jewels she wears

are nothing compared to the

sparking smile on her face.


She walks with purpose

but modest she is.

When he bows to her, she blushes.


Her movements are graceful.

He knows them by heart.

The quintessence of the original dance.


Her features are flawless.

Her language is pure.

A goddess she is.


He is grateful for the

moments they spend together.

She speaks very little.

Her eyes communicate her

understanding of life.


She listens attentively

to his verses each day.

She once said they uplifted her soul.


Never does she ask

whence comes their inspiration.

Beauty has no name.


She rescued him many years ago

when he was a starving beggar

who almost died.


She had the servants bring him silk raiment.

He was led to a chamber where a

beautiful bed stood before him.


He touched and smelled the fine linens.

So moved was he by her compassion

that a poem came from his heart.


When he told her about it, she

asked him to read it to her.

Tears poured down his cheek as he read.

She gently stroked his hand.


Since that day he became the beggar

poet who lives in the court of the fair

and noble Persian Princess.

Happy is his day !