How close must I come before I know you?

Really know you?

I approach you.


I listen more intently.

Search for clues, signals from your eyes

that show me the way to your heart.


Enigmatic One!

It is my fate to love you.

And I accept it although there are endless

passions I could pursue.

Countless ones I could love.


When others open their heart to me,

I politely walk past, knowing I could make myself a part of their dreams.

I feel the tug.

I feel the pull to expand.

I hear the unspoken words of their yearnings and needs,

knowing I could contribute to their happiness

because love is never small.


So many have I made to feel alone because I

do not need them as I need you.


I walk on searching for you.

I whisper your name, speaking words which

resonate only to you.


On and on I walk.

I advance until I am at your door.

I knock.

If you do not let me in, I shall die.






I hunger for love, yearn and long for it.

Lots of it.

I cannot survive nor live on so little love.


My heart is bubbling over.

My eyes straining to see and know more.

My hands reaching out, yearning to touch,

explore, and know Love intimately.


I ache to share tenderness and warmth

with someone special.

I have seen this special someone in dreams.

How I long for you to step into my world.

To reach for me with your arms.


We are incomplete without each other.

We are wed in unison by the spirit of Love;

by the soul of Love that animates our hopes and dreams.


My soul is empty without you.

I write you poems and songs,

hoping you can hear them wherever you are.


I pray that the gentle breeze may whisper

my verses to you and cause you to think upon me.


That my image appears in your mind.

That my dreams touch your own.

That Cupid stirs our hearts.

That we may fully know Love!






I’m so afraid of Love, but how I ache for it.

What to do?

I look at you, so nervous.

My heart quivers each time you look at me.


I want you to touch me with your smile,

with your soft hands, with your heart.

Too afraid to speak to you, I sit solitary

in the corner and write another verse of poetry.


The Muses always speak to me if I call them.

Any place.

Any time.

Any where.


Art is my faithful companion, but tonight

my words do not console me.

I want more.
I need more.

My soul cries out to glimpse what I write about;

to taste the essence of poetry, not words.


I must have contact to know someone else is real.

To know I am real.

I’ve heard that to be free we must risk.

I put pencil away, and slowly

walk towards you.

Please don’t walk away.






I searched for Love, long did I wait.

For searching seemed to be me fate.

Here and there and yon and hin.

Have you seen Love? I asked kith and kin.


If I find Love before me demise,

‘twould be for me a big surprise.

I’d hold her tight so she wouldn’t flee.

And treat her kind and respectfully.


Yesterday I was feeling so alone

that I called meself on the telephone.
When one commences to do things like that,

you wonder where the mind is at.


If Love is blind like some folks say,

no wonder she can’t see to come me way.

If I yell loud enough, will she hear me cry?

Do you think it would be worth a try?


I called to her until the wee hours of morn.

It did not good; I am still forlorn.

If Love hasn’t come before you die.

Just remember that maybe she was too shy.






So many times have I wondered

what human love is all about.

Can I ever really experience it

without a shadow of a doubt?


The times I seemed to open my heart.

Too soon did I suffer a crush.

Did I get involved too quickly?

They say that Love you must not rush.


Is there a person on this earth who can

satisfy the aching for love in my soul?

Am I destined to only see my beloved in dreams

where we take our nightly strolls?


We step through a golden, luminescent  portal.

She lovingly and gently takes me by the hand.

My heart quivers; I feel that there is magic here.

That Dreams and wishes come true in this land.


My Beloved and I walk in celestial gardens.

Enjoying the splendors and treats of paradise.

How I could stay here forever and ever.

For such a wish what would be the price?


Soon we visit the Oracle and Wish bringer.

She smiles radiantly from her glorious throne.

I humbly approach her and kiss her hand,

then ask “Can the future truly be known?”


She points into the distance

where an oval mirror soon appears.

In joyous anticipation I walk towards it.

And shed joyful tears.


Soon I stand alone before the mirror.

Feeling vulnerable and naked to the soul.

“My child,” says a voice from the distance.

“What is it that you wish to know?”


“Can you tell me, dear Oracle and Wish bringer

why human love always disappoints me?

It seems I’m only truly happy and at peace

when I am star gazing or walking near the sea.


Somehow I know they understand me.

What my heart and soul truly yearn for.

Would that I could swim to the bottom of the sea.

If only to the stars my spirit could soar.


Perhaps then I might find the happiness I seek.

Perhaps my spirit would find rest and peace.

How from the prison of loneliness

I so yearn for escape and release.


“My message to you,” said the Oracle

“is that you have always been free.

Human love will cease to disappoint you,

when you step beyond the threshold of Eternity.”






When I was young I saw you in my dreams.

You were surrounded by a lovely, golden light.

You promised me life, I promised you love.

My noble gallant Knight.


My dearest Love, you came to me

in my time of greatest need.

You rescued me from pain and death.

It was such a noble deed.


You compassionate eyes filled my heart

with a desire to return to life.

Your loving attention my soul did heal.

You gallantly asked me to be your wife.


We walked in meadows; we hugged trees.

We climbed the highest hill.

You held my hand and serenaded me.

The moon for us stood still.


We had a happy life for many years.

Our love was as pure as gold.

Although we aged, the

child in us never did grow old.


Death came for you one winter’s day.

My Knight who was so true.

I savored our memories every day.

And prayed to again see you.


When I died we were reunited in paradise.

There is no separation for those bound by love.

When the journey on earth is complete,

the soul soars to realms above.


Our spirits visited lovely places.

We were restricted by neither time nor space.

Every time you spoke to me,

again I saw the noble Knight’s face.


One day we decided to meet again

on earthly shores in the world of time.

To learn and teach others

that love is truly sublime.


We had other lessons to learn.

Mistakes to be corrected from lives before.

No one is turned away an angel told us.

Always open are the Heavenly doors.


Your Beloved will awaken a memory in you.

You will recall the day many years ago.

You will say, “It is he, my noble Knight.

And I was the Maiden of the Rose.”







I sense your arrival.

It is not far away.

You have waited a long time

to meet me again.

To greet me again.

To give me another chance to love you.


I awoke this morning

with a song in my heart.

Tears of joy welled up in my eyes.

Your face has appeared in my dreams.

I believe you are aware of me.


You will wait to arrive until

my heart has opened and is

ready to receive you.

My soul longs to experience love.

I have drunk from the cup

of bitterness for too long.

It is time to taste something more sweet.


What happened in days of yore

is a memory I cannot recall.

I have changed with the passing of time

and learned to release fears that have

imprisoned my heart.


Although I sometimes hide behind

my shell, I will not shun you.

Each day we will grow closer.


One day my heart will be fully healed.

My fears will have vanished because you

will have returned and taught me

how beautiful love can be.


You will hold me in your arms and say,

“My sweet one, who writes poetry and tells stories.

You make me laugh and cry.

You fill the emptiness of my lonely heart.


“Sparkling eyes.

Joy of life.

I can help you love yourself.


Repose in my arms.

Be renewed by my strength.

Reassured by my kiss.

Be whole when we unite.


Drink from my cup.

I offer you sweet nectar.

You deserve love and I

will give you another chance.”







We will love again.

This time it will not end.

The moment I see you I’ll know

you are the one for me.


We will love again.

True love, it never ends.

I love you.

I love you.

Remember me.


We were so in love.

Our life was good until

fate took you away from me.


But I know my heart will never rest

until I meet you again.

I will dream until the day

that you return to me.


Fate brought you back

to me one day.

You were someone else

with a different name.


In many ways you have

not changed at all.

Your zest for life is

strong like before.

When I look into your eyes,

I know you from before.


The years have passed,

but not the past.

Each day I see you,

I remember more.


Who you were is

partly who you are.

Who you will be

is partly who you are.


I’m just glad

that you’ve

returned to me

from afar.


We will love again.

This time it will not end.

The moment I see you

I’ll know you are

the one for me.


We will love again.

True love it never ends.

I love you.

I love you.

Remember me.






The dreamy eyed woman moves my heart like a billowy wave.

Something about her ignites the flames of my soul.

Her deep piercing eyes send shivers all through me.

Her heart, mind, and spirit I yearn to know.


She looks at me with a sad air.

Go speak to her, my heart insists.

Do not let her pass by my heart says.

I try to get up but my body resists.


I sense in her vulnerability.

Go speak to her my heart tells me.

She will understand your fears.

For she has known you since the birth of Eternity.


I do not wish to invade her space

I tell my heart while looking her way.

She gives me a tender, shy smile.

Go speak to her, implores my heart, do not delay.


My fear immobilizes me, I cannot budge.

Overwhelmed with dizziness and anxiety I feel weak.

When I look her way she is still smiling shyly.

Go now, says my heart, to her you must speak!






A prince is the jewel that a princess awaits.

She looks up at the stars and hopes that he hears

the songs that she writes and sings for him

in a voice full of yearning with passions so clear.


Her jewel will never shine for anyone else.

He will melt her every doubt and fear.

He will love her more with each kiss

And still be close when he cannot be near.


The Fates chose them to love each other.

It is a destiny neither must ignore.

Magic and sweetness await them both.

When she is in his heart he needs nothing more.






Hoping and yearning for Love has

done few wonders for me.

Almost as much as expecting and demanding Love.

How can one demand love?
As though Love ever bows to anyone’s whims.


A moment of insight.

I have expected too much from love,

and perhaps it has given so little because of this.


Time to experience a different tactic.

Talk to others, not at them.

Hear what they say, not just their words.


At a party, I turn about and notice a solitary woman.

She turns her face towards me.

I see sadness behind her faint smile.


I glance in her direction.

She smiles, shyly.

She looks vulnerable which I find refreshing

because I have been too cautious lately.


Warmth pervades me.

It’s as though my heart has burst into a warm flame.

I can feel the warmth pushing through me, wanting to

extend itself towards the solitary lady.


I wonder if I am imagining the whole scene.

Loneliness can make us do and imagine strange things.

I look at her again.

This time her eyes are transfixed on me.


“Oh,” I gasp. She has read my thoughts.

The flame inside me has pushed outwards.

She makes no effort towards me.

Do I dare approach her?

Would that be too bold?


I decide to speak to her.

What to lose?

I get up, approach her, instantly aware of

her perfume.


She nods then smiles.

This time I shall really listen!






Sitting alone at a small table in a cafe.

Colorful, silky, sensual veils decorate ceilings and walls.

Warmth permeates the atmosphere.

Romance stirs in the air.


Still emptiness fills me.

Hollow void of pain and suffering.

Seeking for a completion I cannot define.

A tender caress to soothe my sad heart.


I long for appreciation and acceptance

of who I am behind the facade.


Is there anyone who can

offer me a glimpse of love?

Whose gentle eyes can console

the melancholy of my soul?


My mind cannot understand these sentiments

I struggle to articulate.

Still some part of me cries out,

hungering to experience personal love.


Can Love descend from celestial spheres?

Can she embrace me with mortal arms?

Can a sensual kiss touch my soul?

Can one fall in love without compromising the heart?


Does showing vulnerability ensnare

the heart in the deep, dark, lonely abyss?
Are my fears an apparition conjured by my mind?


The answers evade me as I

gaze at portrait on the wall.

I look about.

I smile sadly as two lovers near me kiss.