You are an Immortal merely cloaked in human form.

Descended to earth to ignite the passions of my heart.

I have seen your image in dreams and reveries.

How you come to life on the pages of my art.


Often you utter the words of my own ponderings.

I am unsure if itís your thoughts or mine I hear.

Together we sail the seas of love and bliss.

Guided by the pristine passion of our souls so clear.


In the meadows of the gods do we wander.

There we grasp hidden meanings behind elusive words.

The Fates escort us to the celestial isles during slumbers.

Where the music of the spheres can be tasted and heard.


Will you communicate to me in the godsí own language?

Gaze deeply into my soul that I may perceive who you are.

When we step outside our mortal limitations

Our spirits soar past this earth upwards to the stars.


From on high we behold Lifeís delicious mysteries.
Wondrous, angelic beings enhance our soul light.

Our merging gives birth to joyous tomorrows.
Our love absorbs the uncertainties of the night.


When I think upon you, soon I feel your presence.

Across the miles your spirit makes its way to me.

Soon I am rejuvenated as I bask in your sweetness

My secret Love, for now and all Eternity





Come to me!

My voice whispers to you.

I am incomplete without your love.


Come to me!

Rest your head against my chest.

There are memories that need to sleep.


Come to me!

Place your hand in mine.

Lonely we shall be no more.


Come to me!

Kiss me with the kiss of love

that my heart shall be made whole.


Come to me!

Lie by my side and hold me.

Your warmth shall give me strength.


Come to me!

Let us dream together at night.

United we shall never part.


Come to me!

I say these words one last time.

My Love, please come to me.






Need propelled you to call me.

Night time.

Quiet time.


While others slept, restless

yearnings drew you to me.

I heard your plea across the miles.


Distance nor night shadows could

veil your longing for me.

Silence could not contain your cries for love.


Solitude could not quell your

need to taste Loveís sweetness.

In the wee morning hours our souls touched.


If you call tomorrow,

be willing to come to me.

I am eager to give myself to you.


To fill you with sweetness.

To intoxicate you with ecstasy.

But first, sweet one, you must come to me.






The angels told me about you one day.

I saw your face in a dream that night.

The next day I knew my darkness would fade.

When you came there would only be light.


The first time we talked I knew in my heart

that together we soon would be.

I remember your gaze and especially your smile.

You are the one who is coming to me.


Come to me tonight I ask.

I have longed all day for your touch.

Consider my request and before you refuse,

please come because I love you so much.


I desire to stroke your sandy blond hair.

Can I hold you all night in my arms?

I desire your body next to mine.

With you I feel safe from all harm.


Listen more carefully and you will hear.

You will be told what you must do.

Look into my soul with your sparkling blue eyes,

and remember that I am the one for you.


Come to me tonight I ask.

I have longed all day for your touch.

Consider my request and before you refuse.
Please come because I love you so






Where are you, my Love?

I miss you more each day

and dream of you each night.


Much time has passed.

The rose has often bloomed and faded.

Still I await your return.


You wanted me to go with you,

but I remained alone to create art.

How that broke your tender heart.


Now I know that

you are far more beautiful

than the art I can create.


Art cannot love

but it can inspire love.

This I have learned.


Where are you, my Love?

Please come back to me.

I am ready to give you my heart.


Believe my words.

Hear my message which

the wind carries to you.


Where are you, my Love?

You are not far away.

I feel your presence nearby.


You are on a ship.

You have sailed many seas

searching for love.


You are not satisfied

because in your heart

you want to be with me.


The wind that delivers

my message to you will

answer a question of yours.


Where are you, my Love?

Come back to me and bring joy

to this heart broken soul.


ďI hear your words, my Love,

although your face

I do not see.


Turn your ship around.

It is time to come home

where I await you.


Where are you, my Love? I asked again.

ďA few more days and this ship will

arrive,Ē I hear softly on the wind.


The wind suddenly stopped,

and so did I stop asking

where are you, my Love?


I will hide behind art no more,

because soon Love, Art, and I

will be one!






Open the gate, my Love, heed my advice.

Come where life is good, devoid of vice.

Walk where no stones can hurt your feet.
This is the place where my Love and I meet.


Come to me, my Dear, I will kiss your cheek

to renew your strength when you feel weak.

You have visited me in dreams at night.
I guided your way by my shining light.


In my ship and night we sail the seas.

I look at you, you look at me.
We visit the lands of East and West

where homeless souls try to build a nest.


You, my Love, from their illusions are free.

Your home on earth can never be.

Come, my Love, with outstretched arms I wait.

All you must do is open the gate.






It is long since you bade me farewell.

Long that you are unattainable and unseen.

In the silence the past is remembered.

Will you ever come to me again?


Reunion days are over.

Time to be alone.

I must journey to Loveís domain,

and seek her secrets mysterious and unknown.


Mortals wear hidden veils

until the secrets of Love are revealed.

Human existence can be so painful.

Will broken hearts ever be healed?


I will search until I find you, my Love!

And beseech you to open your heartís door.

Thinking of you gets me through each day.
Without you I can live no more.






My Beloved, please, come to my chamber.

It is time for my heart to open up and give.

Too long have I been locked inside myself.

I want to embrace happiness and fully live.


Love yearnings fill my innermost depths.

You are in my mind and heart so very much.

Wonít you awaken my sleeping passions?

Please excite me to ecstasyís thrilling touch.


I have dreamt of you so oft at night.

Giving me this love I yearn to know.

Kissing, caressing, holding me close.

Embracing my tender wounded soul.


Fill me with your warmth and affection.

Give me your caring touch, your all.

Wonít you come to my chamber, my Beloved.

Today Love to each of us calls.






Thank you for calling.

Forgive me for pushing you away.

I have reflected long and challenged my fears.


Please give me another chance.

Let me love you.

Let me soar to clouds with you and touch your dreams

so that I may better know my dreams.

That both our lives be enhanced.


Dreams are real.

Love is real.

But not my fear of touching you, loving you, joining you.

Nor my need to control.

I want to relinquish my fear and controlís hold over me.


You said you wanted to give me so much.

Pour yourself into me.

Heal and delight me.


This separation torments me daily.

Sorrow haunts me in dreams each night.

I wish to suffer no more.


Take my hand!

Guide me to the place where fear sleeps.

With eyes closed, I will soar with you.


I am calling your name, sweet One.

I know you can hear me

From both near and afar.


Life is giving me another chance.

This time I shall not fail.

I will not let you down, my Love.

Please respond to my plea of love.






How I hunger for life, love, passion, beauty.

Tenderness and sweetness.

Sensual moonlight kisses and embraces.

Starlight strolls at night.


I hunger, crave, long for, and yearn for lots of life and love.

I cannot live without love.

My survival depends on love.

I have nearly died, allowing my fears to deprive me of love.


No more!

In fierce battle have I driven out the inner culprits

of guilt, shame, and fear.

No more will they torment me.


My heart is bubbling over with love.

My eyes straining to see more.

My mind stretching to know more.


My arms reach out to you,

hoping that you will return my embrace.

That you will smile upon me and take me with you to

meadows and fields where we can touch,

explore and play.


I ache to share tenderness and warmth with you.

Beautiful beloved one of my dreams.

Awakener of my heart.

Caresser of my soul.


I yearn to share pleasure with you.

To exchange ideas, hopes and dreams.

To touch the very depths of your soul and heart.

To know you in your fullness.


For less I do not ask.

For I belong to you as you belong to me.

We are incomplete without each other.

We are wed by the spirit of love and life.

The same thread links our spirits,

animating our dreams and passions.


I call out to you each day and night.

Write songs and poems and verses for you.


The Muses give me sweet special words to fill you

with a sizzling desire to spring to life fully.


Come to me, my Beloved!

Touch me and let me touch you.

Let us drink from Loveís fullness.

Sup with the dreamers, poets, and

lovers of merriment, song, and dance.


Let us embrace Love!






Beauty is my closest friend.

Poetry my dear soul companion.

The trees share my loneliness.

Their swaying branches and rustling

leaves comfort and hum lullabies to me.


The stars and moon shine down upon me,

lighting the paths I explore at night.

Searching for you.

Ever searching for you.

Sweet gentle Beloved of my heart.


Where are you?

Time keeps you from me.

Be not deceived.

Time is not what he appears to be.


I shall defy him!

Lose not your faith.


The goddess of love will give me magic to enchant Time.

His borders have no meaning to me.

I shall step into the future to find you,

and bring you back, if you would but come with me.


You have but to hold my image in your thoughts

and heart, and I will find you.

Rest near the trees beside the brook.

Reach out your hand to me from dreams.


Lead me to you, sweet One!

I  know you yearn for me.

I feel it in the wind.

I smell your tears in the rain;

your love scent in the flowers I press to my chest.


I am lonely for you.

Ever onward I tread.

Fatigue cannot lure me into the arms of sorrow.


I will not cease searching

until I find you, My Love!






I hear your words but I listen not.

Your eyes speak different words to me.
Words that only my heart can understand.

But the moment I begin to grasp them you look away.


When I watch your lips move,

I see the words as they are being formed.

Unless sounds only distract.


I sometimes need to be alone

to be reminded of who I am.

Which means I am all and I am none.

My life has ended; it has just begun.

I am old.

I am young.


In dreams I forget that time exists.

Silence helps me to remember

that nothing outside is real.

Appearances do not last.
They melt like the falling snow.


People talk when they have forgotten who they are.

They avoid eye contact if you look for their soul

behind their faint smile.


People are afraid they will be hurt.

Hurt they cannot be.

Their essence is divine.


Some mornings I see my body in front of the mirror.

All I can do is gape.
How sad to believe this body is who I am.

There are times I desire to be rid of it.

When I perceive it to be an unneeded covering

for my free and worthy soul.


Sometimes I forget to love.

When I hear too many words.

Come nearer and look at me.

Let us renew our love in silence.

Let our spirits touch.


If you would grant me but one wish,

I would ask that you let me experience your essence.

You may ask how.

I will tell you.


Look not away when our eyes meet.

Speak from your heart.

I will understand what you mean

when I gaze into your eyes.

Look not away!

Look not away!

Look not away!






Last month.

Last week.

Last night.


You are here, Soother of my loneliness.


Your melancholy gaze

fills me with a tenderness unfamiliar and strange.

It seems that I know you, but how I can know

you when youíve never told me your name?


So much to say to you then why am I hushed?

Is it because I know not for sure where you are,

or where I am, who you are, or who I am?


Must we touch skin and flesh to feel close?

I do not see your person, but I sense you.

Somewhere in time and space.


Wonít you come closer and extend me your hand?

Iíll step into the unknown if you wonít fade.


It occurred to me you are a dream.

But I am fully awake.

You are too real not to be real.


Sweet mysterious one, if I close my eyes

will you speak to me?

I desire to know you.


I am waiting for you to appear,

waiting for you to speak your name.