Once Again                                             

True Love never dies                             

My Secret Love  

Love me for Eternity                              

After the Passing of Time                       

Together Again                                       

Passions that soothe and overflow          

Last Day of Eternity                                

All of Eternity                                          






Come to me                                               

Please come to Me                              

Come to me Tonight                                 

Where are you, my Love?                         

Open the Gate                                              

Without You I can live no More                

Today Love to each of us calls                  

My plea of love                                         

Let us embrace love                                    

I will find you                                              

Look Not Away                                           

Mysterious One                                           

Enigmatic Woman                                            

Know Love                                                    


In Search of Love                                         






The Threshold of Eternity                              

The Maiden of the Rose                                 

Another Chance                                              






Really Listen                                                    



The Messenger of Love                                    

Love, take me where you want me to go          








My dearest true Love                                       






Love May Stay                                                  

Silent Joy                                                       

Open your heart’s door                                  

Early Arrival                                                      

A very special person like you                         

The Enigma                                                       

You have come to mean so much                 






I love You                                                         

Sweet Comfort                                               

The Mysteries of Love will unveil                                                 

Never Alone Again                                         

We Are One                                                     

Day and Night                                                 

Your Love                                                       

The Persian Princess                                       

Face of Love                                                    

My Love                                                          

Thinking of You                                              






Smile For Me                                                                       

Time Stands Still                                             

As Happy as can be                                         

In the Land                                                      

Now is the time for Love                                 

Deepens and Grows                                         

My Special Out of Town Sweetheart               

Pure Ecstasy and Bliss                                     

When We Open our Heart and Soul                

Your Kiss                                                          






Night of Love                                                    

It is Time                                                           

I crave your love                                                 

Sweet One                                                        

Night Wonder                                                   

Circle of Love                                                   

Gods and Goddesses of Love and Pleasure, Embrace me!                     






Open Arms and Heart                                     

Paradise’s Golden Isles                                   

Cupid’s Dart                                                    

Melodious Whispers                                         

My future Love                                                

On Waters of Love                                           






I shall always love you                                     

Beyond the Senses                                             

To love eternally                                                

Silent Whispers 

My Special Dream Lady                                     

My Precious Sweetheart                                      

In Dreams we will meet                                    

Dream Lady                                                                                             

This I want you to know                                       

The woman behind the Screen                                  

Watch Your Dreams Come True                                          

Suddenly Learn to Fly                                          

Makes My Heart Overflow                                    

Never Really Part                                                   






Joyous Smiles and Tears                                        

A Gift                                                                     

Let Love In                                                             


All Is Still                                                               

The Lady’s name is Love                                         

Call out to Love                                                        

Love Fill Me                                                              

The Feet of Love                                                       


The Early Morn                                                         







Remembered Love                                                 

Unrequited Love                                                     

My Beloved                                                              

Once More                                                                






A New Start                                                                

Anonymous Neighbor                                                






Tall and graceful.

Lovely physique.

Taut but supple.
Proud but meek.


Glimmering eyes

that recognize my soul.

Depth of spirit.

Much you know.


The child in you

still lives today.

When work is done

time to play.


Your heart and mind

I wish to know.

Nurtured by love

we both can grow.


You fascinate me.

What is our tie?

When I think of you

Your spirit is nearby.


Have we loved

in another time and place?

In dreams each night

I see your face.


You seem so familiar.

So dear and precious to me.

Where have we loved before

So passionately and tenderly?


My visions fade.

But not your grin.

We have loved before

and we will love again.






My sweet Beloved how I long for your kiss.

Our rendezvous last night to me was utter bliss.

Your touch, your kind words truly touched my soul.

Your passionate embrace made my heart overflow.


Child of the gods; few can know your heart.

The mere glimpse of you inspires my art.

I look deeply into your eyes and you take me away

to a magical place where there is no night or day.


In this special, mystical land time stands still.

Every passion is heightened, every joy, every thrill.

We dance upon the clouds; we embrace on the stars.

We will always be together no matter where we are.


You are awakening passions that have long been at rest.

Taking me to the chamber of the gods to Venus’ love nest.

I feel your palpitating heart as you hold me in your arms.

I am lost in your eyes; bewitched by your charms.


Let us be enfolded in Cupid’s aura of pink.

Lips to lips, the nectar of the gods let us drink.

To the fountain of Love let us offer our mortality.

Surrender ourselves in the embrace of Eternity.


Our love far transcends what earthly words can say.

In dreams we soar to the stars; the torch of love lights our way.

When I am sad, I will look into your kind, glowing eyes.

Once more to be reminded that true love never dies.






My secret love

sings on the wind.

When you touch me,

my soul ascends.


Human form

conceals your true name.

Far above this world

there is no shame.


When you are sad,

know that I am near.

Lend an ear to the wind

so my voice you may hear.


Look deep into my eyes.

Caress my soul and heart.
My secret love.

We never shall part.






We met long ago on a lovely Spring day.

You danced with the grace of a swan.

We became best friends searching for love.

Trying to understand the meaning of life.


Slowly Time showed me who I was.

Life’s purpose was revealed to me.

One day I knew we only live to love.

Now I only want to live to love you.


Greet me with your effulgent smile.

I am waiting in the bed of your dreams.

Touch me with your body and soul.

Listen for a few moments to me.


Each time I behold your angelic face

in your eyes shines the splendor of your soul.

Each time we unite we breathe love’s fragrance

Which is sweeter than the fairest rose.


Let us seal our love with a secret kiss.

Then dream together side by side at night.

Nothing or no one can ever separate us.

We cannot be parted by the darkness or the light.


Hold me close to you, sweet one.

Be my friend as you have always been.

Hand in hand, let our hearts beat as one.

The love that binds us can never die.






Last night I had a haunting dream.

Time laughed at me then spoke

chilling words to my heart.


“I shall steal your love

when the summer awakens.

Your tender flower

shall bring you beauty no more.

I shall uproot it for my very own bouquet.”


“Take not my flower,” I pleaded.

“who brings me joy each day.

Whose fragrance soothes my sadness.”

Smooth texture of silky white.”


“Yes, I know how fair your flower is,”

continued Time with a devilish grin.

Its petals unfold more to you daily.

Soon you shall fall in love again.”


I cannot let this happen to you

lest your soul know bliss on earth.

So give me your flower now.

Release your dream for the hope of love.”


When I awoke there were tears in my eyes.

I was talking alone to the night.

Begging her to capture Time

lest he steal my flower away.


As I behold your petals today,

and look deeply into your dreamy eyes.

I wonder if you shall love me

after the passing of Time.






Incomplete love.

Bonded hearts unable to express joy.

Unspoken words must rest in the mind

until Time brings us together again.


United in dreams our souls are one.

Our hearts take delight in celestial spheres.

I ask the dawn not to disturb our bliss.

May we wake up to Heaven’s morning kiss.


There is no time to regret what might have been.

Only time to anticipate our joys ahead.

See my face as you view the rising sun.

Be still and know that I am near.


You know how special mornings were to me.

During my walks how I miss you, my Love.

While wishing and dreaming I could see you,

a voice whispers, “You will be together again.”






Will you sail with me on the seas of Love?

Go with me to places few imagine or dare.

Embrace my spirit and soar past the stars.

To magical realms devoid of pain and care.


Will you walk with me to the sacred forest

where unicorns and fairies frolic and play?

Enchanted by the purity of our love.

They invite us to join their merriment so gay.


When I look deeply into your eyes

I behold a soft glowing golden light.

I lose myself in your intense, enigmatic gaze.

You reach for my hand then our souls take flight.


With heightened senses we hear wind whisperings.

Songs and airs unheard by mortals below.

To bask in the sweetness of this starry journey

makes the heart beat gladly and the spirit overflow.


In our imagination and dreams we visit the gods.

Whose magical elixirs heal our heart and soul.

Completely joined and merged as one, my Beloved.

We are filled with passions that soothe and overflow.






On the wings of celestial bliss

My soul with you takes flight.

We soar upward far past the stars.

Enshrouded in gleaming white light.


Hand in hand; side by side.

We fly higher and higher far past this earth.

In your eyes I catch a glimpse of your soul.

And sense a deeper love to be given birth.


Your image excites my spirit and heart.

Your voice exudes magnetism and charm.

The kind words you speak renew my hopes.

I can hardly wait to be in your arms.


The Fates show me glimpses of you in dreams.

In reveries your spirit embraces me.

Soon we shall meet in person, my Beloved!

And love until the last day of Eternity!


written 1/7/2002   6:30  p.m.