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I salute the inner light within you.

May your each and every dream come true, and may you know that your guides, spirit loved ones, and guardian angels are eager     to help you realize your goals and dreams. I have believed in guardian angels since I was thirteen years old. It was in my back yard that a beautiful angel came to me and told me I would survive my difficult childhood, and that I would go to college in spite of my family circumstances. When the angel’s predictions came true, I knew that I wanted to inspire hope in others like she did me. She helped me realize that helping others and healing my own heart were my purpose and mission in life.   


Michael has both local and national Media Exposure.
He has been featured on FOX and CBS TV. He was featured on the Jerry Springer Show in 1991, and has appeared on numerous Radio Shows. In April 2000 he completed a six month Psychic Radio Show for MOJO 94.9 F.M. in Cincinnati. He has also been featured on WAIF 88.3 a.m. and on WSAI 1530 a.m. where he makes guest radio appearances. He was interviewed in the 2000 Millennium Edition of The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Pittsburgh Tribune, March 2003 and the Columbus Dispatch, April 2005.


Psychology, singing, and the Humanities are my first love. I studied Psychology, World Religions, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, foreign languages, and Voice in college. For a time I aspired to sing opera. My first college summer I went to Chautauqua, New York to study opera and French, and there met and received instruction from the renowned Mentalist, “The Amazing Kreskin”, Kreskin told me that I was unusually sensitive and he encouraged me to develop my psychic abilities which he said would greatly enhance my creativity and artistic talent.

Over the next several years after college, I trained extensively and apprenticed with various Metaphysical Teachers. As Kreskin predicted, through meditation and psychic development, my creativity blossomed. In 1985, I became a professional Psychic. In 1995 I gave up a foreign language teaching career to pursue my writing dream, and my Psychic work full time. I had begun writing poetry, songs; soon I moved on to short stories. I completed my first fantasy novel in October 1999.

In 1992 I began to expand my psychic work by publicly channeling Ascended Masters, Angels, Native American Ancestors and Shamans, Benevolent Extraterrestrials and well-known beloved celebrities.


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